Monday, 20 April 2015

Prada Days

Hello There! 
How was your weekend? Mine? Amazing! 
Making new friends and walking around streets of Lisbon was the turning point of my week! Saturday I met one of my favourite bloggers-beginners - Madalena Crespo from Oh-So-Happy Blog!
Its been some time since we planned a day together and it finally happened! A visit to the typical "tourist" place with the best view of Lisbon and then little garden with music and bubbles with overall 3 hours together was enough to make some str1§ong connections and have a really good time! 
You'd think, what bloggers do when they meet? and i think, you guessed it! Take photos! Basically thats all we did with conversation flowing in between! It was very nice making new friend and i can't wait to show her my habitat - Cascais :) hihi 
For the "bloggers meet" i wore a midi dress from Bershka, (which i thought would never look good on me and make my legs shorter but after trying it on with that sexy open leg i knew it was meant to be my wardrobe :) ), styled with boots from Zara, (i don't think i showed them to you already, they are my pretty recent acquisition), hat from Primark and all-fitting-bag from Prada, seems small? well it isn't from the inside! ahah And can't forget to mention the mirrored sunglasses, adding the stylish touch to my look from my dear Emblem Eyewear, link here (the have many other colours of this model).
After all the walking i can tell you - do not wear shoes with heels. Looking back, i think that all we did was going up or down which literally felt like a little workout in inappropriate clothing! & Since I wore them to one of my nights out, all the dancing made my skin peal off! So with the previous pain after the night out + all the walking  - i barely got home on my feet, if i had to walk more, i swear to God, I'd be crawling, or walking on my hands! 

Thats it for now, check out Madalena's Blog, my Sunglasses and others on the Website of Emblem Eyewear and of course, don't forget the GIVEAWAY for the Concert Ticket!! (I'm feeling super sweet so i copied the link below!:)

Check out my outfit, and tell me what you think! 

-xoxo Masha


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Coachella Dreams

Hello there! 
What a hot weekend on that other side of the atlantic!! Coachella´s 15th edition i think, of another celebration of happiness, music and fashion - obviously. 
Throughtout those 3 days Snapchat became my 3 meal course and my best friend! i just wish i was there...

Ahahah I bet some of you had shared this in Insta ;) hehe 
Well, straight to the topic lets discuss the best dressed of the Valley Music and Arts Festival 2015!

Aimee Song from Song Of Style one of my favourite bloggers, goes lights and boho, styling this pretty short dress with the light blue and purple jacket! Loving the look! 

The statement necklace which makes this simple, very simple look, so much more interesting and that why i love it! Id wear that! 

I wish i was old enough to take my friends and rock these looks on the dessert of LA! Each detail: the colourful bag of the first one, the boho belt of the middle one and entire look of the third one... ah i wish! 

This Hair idea is something i will definitely try, when i get to go to our "Wanna be festivals" in Portugal! So cute:) 

Fergie styling brown suede fringes with leopard scarf, simple jean shorts and black crochet -  
working the look real good! All thought i agree, you gotta have confidence to pull this off!

Cutest. Couple. 
Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid styled there way throughout the 3 days of the festival, wearing matching outfits and sharing the love on the fields! This look was particularly inspiring, her looking like a western goddess and him as the cowboy blew my mind! Hope one day, M will join me at fashion chic celebration of music and arts in Coachella! #FingersCrossed 

Boho boho boho <3

Fergie again and Young Kendall (wow, those legs are huge!)
Black fits everywhere and with everything! I love their looks of crochet and large belts, fringe and golden hair piece!
LOVE! <3

well, this is it.. Jealousy is a sin so lets stop this irresistible desire to go to coachella and steal all their outfits!

Have a great rest of the week <3

xoxo Masha

Saturday, 11 April 2015

I got my shades on ♡

Im in a good mood today, as today is the day when i got my new acquisition hehe 
Emblem Eyewear and I, are going to rock this summer! Working together and creating inspiring looks with these coolest shades on! Check out their website: HERE & you gotta buy a pair, or two, or three! You can never have enough of sunglasses, so buy as many as you want, specially when the price is just a sweet candy you can't resist! And since there are around 92 days of summer ahead of us, sunglasses will be on 24/7! 
Here are the three i chose! This time was an experiment since my face is a weird face and its very hard to find sunglasses that would look good on me and usually after trying around 50 in a shop, i leave without anything to 1 pair which Id still be feeling unsure about! This time, i chose 2 with similar shape which i know would look fine and 1 outrageous choice - the round, mirrored orange sunglasses which actually look Fantastic on me! i was pretty shocked! ahah 
Now i can't wait to use them and to shoot with them!

For now, this is it, to keep you excited, i have 2 looks going your way & a Coachella-dream post!
P.s. DO NOT forget the GIVEAWAY! Participate right NOW don't leave it till next time, you will forget (I'm more than sure) haha so go there and get as many points possible to get the super Prize!

and also: check out Emblem Eyewear on Instagram, Facebook and Website!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Bright Colored April

Hello There! 
With the beginning of April and very good weather comes the time for my favorite colored pants and tops! I was never the person to wear black for casual dressing. Recently I got invited to an event where the dress code was black which made me visit shopping mall for my first pieces in black! As long as i could remember myself it was only colorful clothing in my wardrobe, majorly thank to my mom! Im pretty glad tho, black is a color for everything and yes it makes us look thinner but in order to brighten the day and lighten your mood colors are the best choice!
Today was the family quality-time day! Lunch in Casa da Guia with 27degrees - perfect break from studies! Wearing totally Zara look as always, because i Love it :) 
Actually, i dont really have much to say today, this week was pretty busy...  M's birthday, our 2 years anniversary and 3 days of Russian school made me pretty exhausted! Thank god theres 1 more week of holidays before going back to the IB hell! For now, Im going to enjoy the sun, as i heard its leaving us for next week and it will be cloudy and boring, and i advise you to do the same:) 

Oh! Almost forgot! ha haaaaa! I have a present for you!! 
Participate and dont forget the three obligatory points to enter that are crucial! Last Giveaway, the first person who came up first didn't complete 5 out of 6 obligatory and had to be disqualified! Its important! 

Enjoy the photos! The lighting is stunning i was so happy with the outcome of todays photoshoot :) 

Happy Easter to everyone!

xoxo Masha