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Victoria's Angel Dancing in White | VOGUE

Hello Fashionistas! 
Quick post about the thing i found ages ago but didn't have time to share it with you! So in case you live in a cave and haven't seem the latest fashionable videos with Karlie Kloss (Victorias Secret Angel)  moving and dancing in the top 15 white dresses of the season! And in the end you have the typical VOGUE video with all of them!

Dress 1:

Dress 2: Chanel

Dress 3:Victorian Era style with Naughty transparent skirt heheh

Dress 4:FRINGIEEES! Shimmy shimmy jaggie jaggie! I bet it was so funny to film these but she always looks with that typical model face like all she does is pure fashion.. which is all she does tho.. amazing!!

Dress 5:3/4 sleeves are my weakness i think they are so comfy!! not hot not cold perfect temperature and not annoying as well! In this video she looks so childish and cute like little 15 years old girl!

Dress 6:The last move - I mean What!? Still A La Mode tho,.. 

Dress 7: all tho more like dirt and top - Love the perspectives and her position at the diagonal!

Dress 8: "What does your inner rock star want? She wants this plunging embroidered Pucci, and for you to always be party-ready. " - Vogue

Dress 9:  Flower Power got me crazy for this video and the dress specially! Id definitely wear that!

Dress 10:I find it so romantic! With the transparent lacy parts and long sleeve and turtle covered neck brings some mystery in a woman.. I always though the less your body arts are shown, the more boys want to 'discover' you! 

Dress 11: Embroidered Crochet! yummyyy! But to short i think.. the total opposite of the previous dress!

Dress 12: She looks amazing in this! Simple dress, black belt and the round decote makes it beautiful simple! Wear it with sandals and perfect casual summer outfit - DONE!

Dress 13: To show your Curvy Bootylicious with Mermaid Bottom perfect for an evening you won't forget:)

Dress 14: Easy Breezy - and Strapless just as i like hahah #StraplessDressForStraplessBlog

and the last but not least:
Dress 15: Innocent black bow makes you not so innocent! Easy move and its open hehe The dress is so light and flowy i want it NOW!

And for the dessert to digest all the beauty you've consumed now - VOGUE Editorial with all of the crazy sexy not sexy and elegant moves of Feminine Blondie Kloss!

Hope you liked my post, lovelies!
Have a great holidays and Merry Christmas! 2 days left!!

-xoxo Masha!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Winter Wishlist

Ho Ho Ho Lovelies!
A little late but i finally finished my Wishlist and some ideas and shops where to buy presents for your girl friends! All thought those shops have boy section as well! you can look through and get some ideas, but below I'll list some ideas for presents for our beloved male population of this planet :)
Ive recently become addicted to shiny sequin things! I went to research some dresses and here you have some of my favorites:

1. White Dress 2. Beige One 3.Sequin Green 4.Mesh One

And here you have the things Id like to get from my favorite shops and link as Im such a nice person :)


Xmas Jumper   FishEye Iphone Lens  Iphone Case  Metallic Wallet
Gold Reversible Bag


Cat Ears Hat  Colorful Scarf Reversible Black RedWine Bag

Nasty Gal

Rainbow Film  #GIRLSBOOK Blush Sneaker   Furry Case

So now, finally to the Part i struggle the most every time theres an anniversary, a special date or a holiday.. Presents for boys! The fashion industry and not only, developed so feel in the girls area, you just have to walk in the shopping moll and choose anything cos we might all be same we are different but actually we are pretty same in these while boys are picky and different and you can't buy a surfer things for horse riding can you? ahah so here you have my ideas What to give to our boys? The biggest advice i could give is listen to them Sometimes you don't realize that in a civilized conversation but they might say their favorite shops or things, or things they'd wanna get and stuff like that and learn to take a note of them in your phone for example!

Lets start with the part which is more personal! If your feeling crafty to do something with your own hands you can do:
1. A Frame! Buy a simple IKEA frame and decorate it the way you want it! Put a photo or a collage with your favorite photos and stickers to make it funnier :)
2.  Posters are cool too, but if you're good in drawing why not painting one of your photos? You can trace it or project on it to keep proportions and make it more real :) He'll be proud to put it u his wall!
3. Sometimes, the present it self is not as interesting as the way you present it! Once, I decided to do a Treasure Hunt in Cascais with places that meant something to us and each each stop - there were six - there was a present and a hint for the next stop! The hints could be phrases, pictures, date and he would have to drive around and find them! WARNING! They get cocky and annoying in the beginning but the happiness after the hint is completed which was in Guincho right by the time of sunset! (Perfect timing :)
4. Did you ever had those moments when you randomly decide to tell him something while for example studying and then you realize his not listening to you but to his music! So why not turn this situation around and give him Headphones, a good quality like beats for example or even Speakers, portable so he can take it anywhere!
5.  Music idea got to me while i was in the place where i listen to the music most of the time - in the gym - and then i was thinking, if your boy is a Gym Addict, would be nice to give him some new equipment? New running shoes from Nike, a gym bag with devisions (make him more organized) stuff like that!
6. When i was younger, mom was obsessed with teaching my how to Knit and then in between some jokes i was dared to make wool boxers for my best friend.. i started but got bored, since I'm a very moving person and that activity required time and patience but the idea was cool and i wish i would finish it! You can also make a hat with your design, like a minion or an animal that you like to call each other or associate! Keep your boy warm in these cold rainy days :)
7. If your boy is just as crafty as you are (maybe not… ahah) you can surprise him with a new Sketchbook or album, new pens and pencils, paint or graffiti sprays! Maybe he'll make a portrait for you or an amazing graffiti with your name, just give him materials :) hihi
8. A present could be as simple as Clothing! Simple white t-shirt can be with a simple design because some complicated things are not for everyone, but if your sure he will like it, go for it! But in this situation i let my inner feeling choose the t shirt or pants for him, walking around shelfs and shops and there it is, shinning in white bright light and rising above the holders, the t shirt you see your boy in and then you know its the one!
9.  As well as clothes you can give him Shoes! But they are more tricky! Take him for YOUR shoe shopping and go to shops where they gave make as well as female, notice if he looks at any, touches or you can even ask him directly but again, don't make it too obvious.. step by step find our the size, the colors, the brand, the type… :)
10. As you might've understood already, what is made by you is another level! So idea what to add to your main present would be Stickers! His favorite symbol, name or singers signature or something like that, you can order any amount and place it on his car/motorcycle, or books and around house :) Will always remind him of you! 
11.  To make it clear for others he's yours make it clear, personalize a Phone case with collage of your photos :) Nice and easy!
12. Notice his hobbies and things he likes to do in free time! Surfing? Its not just about the board or swimsuit but there are many other little things.. i only know fins and the thing they connect to the leg! New equipment is always nice so why not? But! We can make it more personal! I never like blank white boards so i decide to decorate Ms! You can make a Design yourself, buy posca pens and show your artsy skills! You can personalize finds as well :) You can do similar to the Skateboard if your boy is more of the Earth Type sports:)
13.  Lacking Punctuality? Buy him a Watch! I personally like bossy watches or cool and practical watches for surfers, which actually doesn't have to be worn just by Surfers!
14. Does he have a motorcycle? Give him Helmet! They have amazing designs online and not only, different shapes and functions will keep your boy safe! (As i love personalized things - you can buy a simple black or white and design something on top of it :P)
15. Have you seen those tumblr posts with one of the things we all get obsessed about - smells! A new cologne would be a good thing to give! I personally love male perfume shopping, but this time you will need your heart to guide you through! looking through little bottles and different shapes there will be one which one breeze of it will remind you of him and that would be THE ONE! But be careful, don't buy him the one he has already :)
 16. Be sweat! Like literally.. Sweets and chocolates are cute and easy to get, Hussel has chocolates in shapes and amazing sweets! Good addition to your presents:)

Well thats it! If i have more Ideas ill update it on my Facebook page! 
Hope you have a Great Christmas and Amazing time with your loved family and friends followed by Crazy New Years Eve!

-xoxo Masha

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dreaming in Reality

Hello Lovelies! 
Yesterday was the day when we got to see the true angels come from the skies and show us the beautiful and magic Victoria´s Secret show! All though Ive watched all the possible instagram videos from bloggers who get to see the show from first rows, Im still watched the full show! With my ice cream and hot chocolate, my pillows and blankets, cozy sweatpants and loads of tissues i was totally ready for it! Obviosuly afterwards i was super motivated to go to the gym and run and do all the stuff to get the dream body, but once again my attempt was stopped by delicious smell coming from my kitchen and as always I said ´tomorrow´ and guess what, im sitting here, eating my cookies and writing this post... Yup, thats my life... and i hope you get me, cos i don't wanna be the only one in this daily struggle! 
The show contained 6 collections and as the biggest stalker and fashion addict I've seen every ´news´from Vogue and other magazines to find these amazing pictures and choose my favourite looks from the show and after party as well:) Ive also read a lot and watched the video they´ve made.. agh they are such beauties and if some people say ´oh this photo is totally photoshopped, you can't trust magazines´these 40 or something models are true beauties! And what suprised me a lot this year that Doutzen Kroes went on the catwalk with beautifully done body after she had a baby.. all tho i just realised im getting old and that was like 2 3 years ago.. Oops, never mind! 
The show was accompanied by 4 singers! Taylor Swift - who was dressed in VS as well, and actually she was looking pretty good ;) Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Hozier! 
OMG! Btw, have you seen the endless amount of memes that were recently made, with Arianas scared face when one of the angles touched her with the wings! Poor Ariana, the face she made gone viral, see for yourself:

well, her face is just one thing, but Ariana doesn't stop surprising us with new things and making us laugh! During the performance Young Grande told Ed a pretty dirty joke!  Read what he said for !E 

"It was fun, but I kind of felt like the hobbit in the elven kingdom!" Sheeran joked. "Can I tell you why I was laughing? Basically, there were all these big inflatable bouncy black balls that are bouncing around in the crowd on the finale bit. Ariana Grande comes and stands up next to me and just looks at me and goes, 'I love big black balls.'"


"In my head I was like, 'If she knows what that means, then I love her, and if she doesn't know what that means, it's even better!" the 23-year-old added.

Who knew Grande was so raunchy?!


I was researching something for you and look what i found (has nothing to do with what i was actually trying to find but still..)

A video that some of the Angles have done with Taylors song - Shake it Off
(which i sincerely hate and can't hear anymore because its aaaaalways on the radio! Sorry Swift fans :/)


What i was actually researching, were the fun and interesting facts about the Shows which were going on since 1995!! 

Did you know that Tyra Banks -> 

.. was actually a Victorias Secret Angel for around 4 years starting from 1996!! 3 years later Adriana Lima joined Angels team and she's one of them since them! 

And she got to wear one of the biggest and heaviest wings! Which speaking off here you have other 8  biggest wings from previous shows and 1 which were worn this show by Lindsay Ellingson! 

   1 row Down: Lais Ribeiro, Karolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum; 2 row down: Alessandra Ambrosio, Anja Rubik, Karolina Kurkova, 3 row down: Heidi Klum, Chanel Iman and finally bellow: Lindsay Ellingson!

Before i go onto telling you my favourite looks of this season, here you have 1 more fact! 
In 1996 Victorias Secret has created a Fantasy Bra, which first was warn by Claudia Schiffer and its price was 1,000,000 dollars! Can you imagine?? It was even called Million Dollar Miracle Bra!

Throughout 19 years and 20 bras, here you have my favourite ones and their prices!

1. Tyra Banks, Heavenly ´70´ fantasy bra, for 10,000,000! #Pricey 
2. Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra worn by Karolina Kurkova for 6,500,000! #StillPricey 
3.Fantasy Treasure Bra, worn by Miranda Kerr and it costs 2,500,000 #NotSoPricey 
4. and Lastly Candice Swanepoel wearing Royal Fantasy bra last year for 10,000,000! #PriceyAgain

and here you have the two Fantasy Bra sets worn by Alessanda Ambrosio and Adriana Lima from the collection - Exotic Traveller! Each worth 2,000,000! 

Wanna know what was the most #Pricey one? 
Red Hot Fantasy Set worn by Gisele Bundchen in 2000, which is worth *drumroll* 15,000,000!

Well, now, i can finally show you my favourite looks, sets and angels of the Victorias Secret show 2014 in London!

1. Collection 1 - Gilded Angels!
Karlie Kloss - Doutzen Kroes - Lindsay Ellingson

2. Collection 2 - Exotic Traveller

Alessandra Ambrosio - Shanina Shaik

3. Collection 3 - Fairy Tale

Eniko Mihalik - Candice Swanepoel - Elsa Hosk

4. Collection 4 - Dream Girl
Lily Aldridge - Karlie Kloss - Doutzen Kros - Irina Sharipova - Sara Sampaio 

5. Collection 5 - University of PINK

Maud Welzen - Elsa Hosk

And finally Collection 6 - Angel Ball!


Adriana Lima - Doutzen Kroes - Maria Borges - Kate Grogorieva 

and lastly Taylor Swift in the Angel Ball Colelction:

Well the whole ephori is not just about the show but the Backstage video and After Party!!

See all the videos here:

Isn't it like a dream?
Heres a video from Vogue UK!

And finally! After Party! My 2 favourite, most most most favourite looks were:

CANDICE! Oh Gosh - breathtaking! Wearing Zuhair Murad tulle and lace

 And TAYLOR! In Zuhair Murad Couture AW14

Well thats it on Victorias Secret Show 2014! Hope you liked my post! leave comments on anything you want below <3

- Kisses! Masha

Monday, 8 December 2014


Hey There!! 
Its been a long time since i posted my outfits.. maybe because this weather got me wearing uggs, leggings or sweats and boyfriends cashmere sweater but this time i had to get dressed smart because i had to take my exams in russian school I'm doing parallel to my normal school so I wore this Zara (very old collection) but come on classy beige/brownish coats never run out of fashion, then white blouse from Forever 21 (P.s. Get ready for summer i bought so many things for summer which is weird cos i should've bought things for winter but oops i guess i love some moreee), burgundy with very cool design Zara pants and my favorite most cozy and soft scarf that a friend of mine gave me for my birthday (also from Zara how NOT predictable? shah)
Well, hope autumn got you cozy next to fire place, and you all be doing well! 

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-xoxo Masha

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Omg! Omg! 
have you guys seen this amazing video by Karl Lagerfeld?
I Had to pop-in here to make sure ou see this amazing, lovely video! I can't admire it more than I already do, specially because the two characters are my favs! Cara.. Oh Cara, everyone loves her, no? And Pharell, don't you just wanna touch his skin? haha it seems so smooth and he's such a cuttie.. So Make sure you watch it and get my obsession hihih

P.S. finally new outfit post is coming babes! Stay tuned!!
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