Sunday, 21 December 2014

Victoria's Angel Dancing in White | VOGUE

Hello Fashionistas! 
Quick post about the thing i found ages ago but didn't have time to share it with you! So in case you live in a cave and haven't seem the latest fashionable videos with Karlie Kloss (Victorias Secret Angel)  moving and dancing in the top 15 white dresses of the season! And in the end you have the typical VOGUE video with all of them!

Dress 1:

Dress 2: Chanel

Dress 3:Victorian Era style with Naughty transparent skirt heheh

Dress 4:FRINGIEEES! Shimmy shimmy jaggie jaggie! I bet it was so funny to film these but she always looks with that typical model face like all she does is pure fashion.. which is all she does tho.. amazing!!

Dress 5:3/4 sleeves are my weakness i think they are so comfy!! not hot not cold perfect temperature and not annoying as well! In this video she looks so childish and cute like little 15 years old girl!

Dress 6:The last move - I mean What!? Still A La Mode tho,.. 

Dress 7: all tho more like dirt and top - Love the perspectives and her position at the diagonal!

Dress 8: "What does your inner rock star want? She wants this plunging embroidered Pucci, and for you to always be party-ready. " - Vogue

Dress 9:  Flower Power got me crazy for this video and the dress specially! Id definitely wear that!

Dress 10:I find it so romantic! With the transparent lacy parts and long sleeve and turtle covered neck brings some mystery in a woman.. I always though the less your body arts are shown, the more boys want to 'discover' you! 

Dress 11: Embroidered Crochet! yummyyy! But to short i think.. the total opposite of the previous dress!

Dress 12: She looks amazing in this! Simple dress, black belt and the round decote makes it beautiful simple! Wear it with sandals and perfect casual summer outfit - DONE!

Dress 13: To show your Curvy Bootylicious with Mermaid Bottom perfect for an evening you won't forget:)

Dress 14: Easy Breezy - and Strapless just as i like hahah #StraplessDressForStraplessBlog

and the last but not least:
Dress 15: Innocent black bow makes you not so innocent! Easy move and its open hehe The dress is so light and flowy i want it NOW!

And for the dessert to digest all the beauty you've consumed now - VOGUE Editorial with all of the crazy sexy not sexy and elegant moves of Feminine Blondie Kloss!

Hope you liked my post, lovelies!
Have a great holidays and Merry Christmas! 2 days left!!

-xoxo Masha!


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