Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hello there! 
Early morning and I'm already preparing this post! Yesterday it was my 17th birthday! Well, 17 has nothing interesting to celebrate, there's still one year ahead of me to have more freedom such as driving license or ability to drink alcohol, but this year gives me possibility to do anything without getting into the jail (hahaha).. So i planned lunches and dinners with people i care most about along these 4 days! 
With every year, every birthday i feel less and less excited about doing anything, just chilling with my family, boyfriend and friends, catching up after summer is what i wanted!
All though, last night M did anything possible to make my day exciting and remarkable so i will remember forever! And he succeeded, so right now I'm way more excited to see all my friends than i was before.. It's sad actually, what do we loose with every year so birthdays become less magical? Presents..? I remember wanting new bicycle or new painting set with brand new soft brushes and clean new paint! Now technology gadgets and money became what we need the most and i think this is also the reason we don't look forward our birthdays with same excitement, plus we already know our presents, when kids it would be an intrigue before the day to open the presents! Yeah! the presents? wanna know what i got? stay tuned for the next post with outfit and all the presents:) (feeling excited hihi)
Yesterday was a total surprise i didn't know anything he would do and this surprise, made me remember my childhood, I woke up with presents and breakfast in bed something i would never expect, and continued day with little clues about what was gonna happen later! Choosing outfit was pretty hard, since i didn't know where we'd go and going overdressed or not dressed at all isn't nice specially when your going celebrate your birthday! So I chose this outfit (a total Zara lover outfit since everything is from Zara!!), burgundy - my favorite color light sweater, and this mini skirt with double animal print and my new boots! All together it seemed casual and festive in the same time, i thought it would be nice for any place but for any activity? oh no.. I didn't think that I'd have to go by motorcycle so this was my very first obstacle of the night! Later on, wearing a skirt meant - 'not feeling your legs and freezing to death!' But well, 'pretty hurts' but i survived and spent my night magically romantic and well dressed for the place, time and accession! Oh! My bag :) well, actually my mommy's bag, which when I found out she was about to give it to our (ex) maid, who by the way turned out to be a total b*tch, so thank god i ripped it of my Mom's hands at the right moment and now i have this white Furla beauty for my use at any time i want and not as earlier when my mom was in a good mood or didn't notice i took it :) 

Hope you like the outfit! How did you celebrate your last birthday? Id it just me feeling this loss of magic in every birthday or you guys too? 
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-xoxo Masha

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Back to School Preparation!

Hello there!
21 of August! 10 days life till we go to school (or maybe more if your lucky and don't go to the same school as I do and your first day of classes is in 2 weeks or something..)  So all this excitement and preparation made me think that I don't have a bag for school.. So then, i decided to do some research and share with you my ideas about a school bag.. 
With so many books and folders we need some pretty big bag and a comfortable one! Plus, akin in consideration my health problems - basically my completely ruined back which seems to e getting worst and worst it has to be a backpack, so the weight is on both shoulders and i don't wok around in a weird shape, struggling with one shoulder suffering under the huge weight and other literally almost touching my ear! So i went to see some backpacks! :) 
Here are the 6 i just found Super lovely!!! Each has it's own style and just by the backpack you can imagine the character of the person! (look closely at them, it's true :) 

1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here 6. Here

Of course, some totes are also useful and some variation is good as well! One day won't ruin my back even more so why not spend it in that weird shape?:) 
These bags i found the most 'appropriate' for school! They are big and loads of things can fit there! The first one is made of leather which means it will last for long time, nobody wants have an accident of broken holder which once happened to me at school… I will never forget that day and how much i hated myself for buying a bag i liked and not the one which was stronger and more resistible!

Le pliage - classic! There no more i can say about it! It's just perfect for school! All tho mostly you pay for the brand:( 

1. Here and 2. Here

The next one is by Marc Jacobs! So casual and nice! I just loved it! So funny and original! 

Mickael Kors! mmmmm so stylish! Love the color! And once again, its big and nice! Material is very good and strong which means you can put anything you want in there! 

For now it's all I have for the preparation 'ONLINE", but now: 

What I did today:


 Colored paper is my favorite! i love writing important thing, rules and formulas on colored paper! Then i keep it for the exam preparation put it on my walls and memorize when i have nothing to do just by looking at them! Since i believe my visual memory is the strongest! Highlighers and Gel Pens - needed many but then I realized i still had some from my previous visit to Staples before the exams in june! All though i had a very unpleasant experience with gel pans they are still my favorite! Unless, it rains and my folder falls into water and all the papers come out of it:/ yeah.. wasn't nice.. 

I usually don't admit that pink is my favorite color but today, i really felt like having everything pink for next year and all shiny and glamorous so i tried to choose as many thing as i could with pink color! 

 Shopping with M is nice but i get so distracted.. I didn't even notice i bought 2 packs of highlighters! :/ 
And i had an opportunity to notice that like 3 times, while re-checking if i forgot anything, while showing him what i bought and while putting everything in the end to pay…

All excited ripping off the bags and packaging i put everything inside the case and I'm ready to go with my shinny silver folder for every day :) So excited! But now.. i still need to buy a bag:/ 

Well, thats it for today..
Hope you liked this post! What you think is best for school - backpacks or totes? Are you ready for school yet? 
All the comments and ideas please leave below!
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P.S. My birthday is very very soon and i have so many lunches and meetings planned with my friends so expect a lot of outfit-posts! 

-xoxo Masha 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer days

Hello peeps,
How's it going? last days of summer are the ones I spend with family, and with family of my future family (haha)! Few days ago, M and I, decided to take my brothers and lil sis to his house (it wasn't the first time tho..) but this time, we came prepared for pool, for football and for endless fun time before school starts and we won't be able to appreciate and enjoy the good weather, attention of beloved ones , giving the attention and sharing love all at once.. 
Everyone had something to do, no one could get bored even for a second this 4 hours we spent together! Even thought pool was freezing cold we all found things to do, and as you could probably guess, mine was to take pictures! As I've told you already, camera is like a part of my body which i take EVERYWHERE! PLus i guess it's the blogger spirit and obsession in my head which makes me document and record every moment to share it with you guys:) Well, boys are boys so all they needed was football, imaginary goals all around the garden and endless amount of water and all you could hear from any corner of the garden was "Goaaaal", "What a defense" and "Pass"… My younger brother enjoyed the free trampoline and best view of the football championship between M and my other Brother! While my lil sis played with the most beautiful and kindest puppies of German Shepherd! With the ball running around and screaming on portuguese "The ball", "get the ball" and their names sound so cute i couldn't stop filming and taking pictures! 
Later on I'll Post more pictures of this Swimsuit and how you can wear it but for now, enjoy the photos:) 

(Yes I'm wearing socks and it's for 2 reasons: I have little wounds on my toes and My legs were freezing cold on the ground!)

 Her face reminds me of the spartans in war! but so much aggression? no.. I think it's happiness, joy and excitement of getting and throwing the ball! Which I just admired when looking at all of that! 

When the giant M got onto the trampoline it got even more exciting and I just had to join that little party!

How good having a boyfriend that likes taking pictures (of you specially :) 

 A minute of silence for the positions of everyone on this picture………… 

When the sun went down, I as the person that gets cold in one second needed a jacket, and what can be better than a baggy jumper taken from his closet, with his smell and the color which looks pretty good on you ;) ? 

So that's it! I could post the entire 600 Pictures i took, but these reflect the best moments of the day! And i hope you liked this pretty personal post:) Enjoy the last days of summer and spend more time with your family! Cos in the end, this is all that matters <3 :) 

-Xoxo Masha

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

  Hello there!
Being back home is kind off depressing… Many of my friends are still not in cascais, having fun somewhere in Algarve or even outside of Portugal.. lucky them! While I'm almost killing my brothers for being annoying assholes and apart from that spending the time with my beloved one <3 
August is like Sunday of the week, school is kind of far but still so close and the day of the release of GCSE grades is even closer! and then 5 days after i have my birthday.. before I'd be counting days till my birthday but this time it will only remind me of the day of the grades.. Actually, sincerely talking, I'm not even excited for my 17th birthday.. Im more excited for Xmas (which russian people don't even celebrate) but still, after Xmas I'll start my driving license for the NORMAL CAR! So yeah, what was i saying.. Birthdays, growing up makes it less exciting (except 18th birthday of course! can't wait for it: my driving license and of course the chic party with boys in suits and girls all classy!) but this year, turning 17 makes me want to spend my night with <3 and sleep the entire day.. 
Anyways, about my outfit… in my previous post I said I would show you my outfits on Sudoeste! This is first day, flowey shorts from Bershka, white t- shirt - with a nice detail! Since simple White tanks are too mainstream :/ haha and my favorite long jumper from LookbookStore and my favorite Boots from Zara (as you should know by now:) 

Wish me luck for my grades and hopefully I won't fail and will continue into IB which also means - More outfitsssss since I get to wear normal clothes! So excited!!! 

for now, tell me if you like this outfit, 
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-xoxo Masha

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hey thereee!
Sadly nothing lasts forever, and no matter how much i wish those moments did,
 we had to come back from the party paradise place to every summer day routine at home! 
While making this post, i think i didn't stop smiling for a second, every video i looked through, 
made me feel happy and the memories popping out in my head with every photo i passed through in the albums made me realize, that these 2 days, were the best days which will stay in my memory forever! 
"Good memory, isn't enough for good memories" - a phrase I found in tumblr not so long ago, made me realize that the memories we've made these 2 days will be never forgotten (and the proof (photos) will be never deleted from my phone!)
So here's my photo - diary of the best 2 days at Sudoeste! 

I was gonna say 'A picture is worth a thousands words' but then i realized that i can't just post a picture of our houses without stating how cute and lovely they were, super comfy and cozy! I remember, the first thing i asked as soon as we got there was 'Are the walls thick? Won't we be super cold at night?' and i was right, at 4-5 am when we'd come back from the concerts, the houses were freezing cold but good night cuddles saved me from turning into an ice-sculture even with loads of blankets! All though i confess the mornings were super hot-.- 

The first morning, My M made breakfast - pancakes with banana and chocolate cake I made the morning before leaving!  With chilled music, sun-rays and the fresh air coming through open windows that morning seemed to be like taken from a movie, with both of us cooking, singing and of course messing around with each other!

Of course I took my baby GoPro camera with me to capture the best moments! It's small, it even fit in the pocket of my jeans !!WITH!! the protection cover! And here you can see my happy chinese face and our little castle for 2 days with my prince :) 

No comments needed i guess, this IS the picture where words are not needed! Amazing sunset shared with my besties <3 

And the most exciting part of the post!! I always leave the best for the end! Having a meal - dessert is always the last to go and even while eating the dessert i leave the best part of it for the end and same here, the best parts of the nights where usually by it's end! That feeling I talked about, that vibration in your heart standing right near the stage with speakers so loud and jumping! Oh yeah, I jumped so much i lost 2 kilos! This is my favorite type of gym! 

I was so lucky having the "backstage" bracelet and having contacts (actually having pretty amazing friends that have contacts) to go to the backstage and dance with less than 20 meters away from Martin Garrix! Seeing the crowd jump all at once was breathtaking! If you think about it, there were twice as many hands as people.. that was crazy! 
Looking horrible but hey, what matters is that JAY F*CKING HARDWAY is standing right by my side!

Well, that's it! Tried my best to share all the excitement and happiness! 
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P.S. Get ready for outfit posts, 2 definitely with what I wore at day in the Sudoeste, unfortunately nobody wanted to take pics of me so I'll have to take them here:/ 

-xoxo Masha

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hey Hey Hey! 
Guess what? when you're reading this now, I'm on my way to Sudoeste Festival! (or already there, if you're reading it late night:) ) I've been excited about it for months! Re-looking the website of the place where we gonna stay, the facilities they have, the line up of the festival - i know it by heart i've looked at it so many times, the weather website was already in my 'favorites', my clothes were folded in piles for days, ready to be put in my suit case and Here we go! The day has finally come! 
Do you know that feeling like little fireworks in your chest when you hear a song like.. Hardwell for example or Martin Garrix or Jay Hardway and you realize you'll hear it in a little time but way louder, way brighter with lights and that vibration in your heart from the speakers going so loud, you almost can't sit still on the car sit, watching same landscape pass for hours! 
What about that feeling when you get there, the air is warmer outside since you probably turn on AC and doing that deep breath and exhaling the last molecules of calmness and filling up with energy and even more excitement and desperation for the nighttime to come! 
As an explanation for my outfit i can say i was inspired by the famous outfits of Coachella, boots, dresses, hippie-like looks! The look must be comfortable for jumping like crazy, (not something you'd care a lot about) since those big guys with beer all around you might accidentally spill it all around or even worst all over YOU! (thats why i will change for short later hehe) but to get there all fabulous i wore this Nasty Gal dress, with my lovely new Zara boots and loads of weird random accessories i could find! 

Hope you like it! 
Any comments, ideas and critiques feel free to leave them below!
Enjoy your holidays, and if you're going to Sudoeste as well, okay then 

-xoxo Masha