Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunset Collection

Hey There! 
Some days ago I've been looking through my Iphoto 
and i realized how obsessed I am with sunsets... 
I think we all are..

So i decided to share the ones i like the most, 
and the ones that remind me of the best moments of my life!

This one was in one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, in Guincho! I took the photo with my Iphone so the quality isn't the best.. Still beautiful :) 

This one i took from the roof of my house through a little whole in the tree which usually is right infront of the beautiful part of sunset:/ 
Well, that day the sunset was incredible since as you can see it was in lines but the entire sky was stripy! 

The following 3 pictures were taken with my camera on one of the evenings i spent with my gentleman   by the sea. It was mid January something like that so it was super cloudy but sun was so strong you could see the rays striking out of the clouds!

These ones are my favorite! 
Time: Last summer - July - August. Location:  In all the parts of South America!
I've never seen such beautiful sunsets and sunrises! As you can probably note, they're somehow different from Portuguese sunsets, the clouds are light and see-through.. It was the best trip of my life, it was just me and my dad, driving around in the car for his investigation project (See more : on their website , or facebook ) which is super interesting and i just loved that i took part in it! One day I'll post more pictures from the trip #throwback :) 

These were taking when we were in Atacama desert and our car broke on a Friday Evening when there are literally NO CARS passing through the desert 'highway' so while we were waiting for a car and then for our friend to come back from the city i took an advantage of my camera and here they are the beautiful changing colors of Atacama's Sunset!

These I took in Porto which is North of Portugal, when my dance 'crew' and I participated in a Hip Hop Competition for the first time!

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-xoxo Masha

Friday, 13 June 2014

City and Sunflowers

Hey guys,
SUmmer is finally here and I'm not sure if i'm actually liking it since it took me a lot of will power to leave my fresh room with air conditioner working to the fullest.  My friends an I we decided to go outside and celebrate the beginning of hot summer and bikini season with beach everyday! The tourist season had opened and the streets are filled with people and kids walking and staring around.
 It's hard to believe even for me that not so long ago like 3 to 4 years ago i was one of them and now i know this place like I've been living here since i was born and having so many friends it must be the greatest blessing!  Sadly not all my exams are done, next morning i have my AQA maths and.. well i don't remember completely anything so this weekend must be study 24/7! 
Regarding my outfit:
I chose this sunny, bright yellow shorts with sunflowers from American Apparel which i completely love and just looking at them makes me smile and wearing them makes me the happiest plus they combine with this Sunny hot weather!  A simple front white top with a nice back from Stradivarius and gold sandals from Pull and Bear, they are open and fresh for summer and the fit with everything!!
The photos came out super inspiring :) 
Hope you like them and my outfit!

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Sunday FUNday!

Hello Guys! 
Summer started which means the Amusement parks on wheels had opened and one of them is right next to my house! Yesterday, my family and i decided to spend some quality time! 
I love that place! When i was 11 I was crazy about this things. Once we visited the Water park in Dubai which has that HUGE water speed slide, and of course, fearless and courageous Masha couldn't leave the park without going there! I still remember that feeling of breaking the water with my feet.. Since then, amusement parks are on the first place in my "To Do lists" whenever i go traveling! 
In Portugal, these parks are small.. well they are not permanent so the can't really build the entire Russian Mountain in 2 days, but they are still super fun! Music everywhere, Food - fatty 'farturas' are the best! I can eat like 5 in a row! Shinning colorful lights drive me crazy! I took my camera with me (of course.. It's like a part of my body!:) ) and here are some best pictures! Regarding my outfit..
Well, it was dark and my family are DEFINITELY not friends of my camera plus the focus is broken (which i actually like!).. when it broke it was terrible but i learned my way out of it and now i realize how my skills with camera had developed since the accident in the beach with sand getting inside the lens.. Back to the outfit.. as i said it was dark and you can't really notice much but basically for fast windy amusement rides i chose Tartan Pants from Mango, they are soft and comfy and perfectly fit me, and feeling comfortable was important to have fun and not be worried if somebody can see something or getting your maxi skirt stuck in the machines! A simple black top with high neck (i got a little sick last week..) with 3/4 long sleeves and a leather jacket with faux fur under - Super warm and cute:) from Zara! And my FAVORITE boots! I bought them with my own money which i've earned myself so I fell super proud when i wear them plus they are super nice and light! They are from Zara this winter's collection! You'll be seeing them pretty frequently on my blog, i just LOVE them! 
In the end I've created a summery of clothes that look alike with the help of Polyvore :)

Well i hope you like the pictures and my outfit,

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Сет Tartan пользователя masha-from-russia2011 с tartan plaid leggings

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Summer Vibes

Hello Guys, today I'm feeling so excited about Summer of 2014 and I realized I really need to share it with you! My agenda is getting fuller and more interesting with every day as well as ideas and inspirations for my next purchases and outfits! 
Living in Portugal has its advantages and disadvantages... For example having the greatest weather ever, sunny and warm all the time, diversity of nature, amazing beaches and gardens are of course the major perks of living in such a place.. but then it's really annoying since we don't have the best shops such as Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Topshop etc so I have to order online and there's always a risk its not going to fit you etc..
But that doesn't stop me and my Shopaholic Obsession spending hours in online shops! 
And now I'm delighted to present my...

1. New Balance 420 Runner trainers in Burgundy -
I've been in love with those shoes since i first saw them in LookBook and then its just spread all over the world and right now i feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have them! 

2. Triangl Swimwear - Miami Mint and Santa Rosa Splash
Still thinking if I should buy Blue or Pink.. But definitely the Mint one! 
By Looking at their Instagram ( @ triangl_swimwear) it feels like having a good body is the requirement to wear those bikinis, or do they sell it right with the swimwear? :) 

3. Victoria Secret/ PInk Swimwear -
I think I've visited this website like a hundreds times for the past month! They have the most beautiful bikinis EVER!
Here are some that i just loved!:

P.S. Candice can you stop having such a good body? or you share it or you stop! 
This is too depressing :) :) 

4. Brandy Melville Tops & Dress
a. The Jada Dress in Pink 
b. Chiyo Top in White

1.The Palmtree top i consider just a must have!
2.Burgundy became my Favorite of all my favorite colors!
3. And the third top with the elephants.. there's no explanation needed since 
Elephants = passion of mine! (as I've mentioned in my description :) ) 

5.  Sabo Skirt Orchard Maxi Dress - 
I've been saving money to buy it for really long, and then it went out of stock and i thought it was never coming back but guess what, the re-stocked it but now i have no money! 
P.S. Any ideas how a 16y/o can get money? I'm a bankrupt!

- there are just to many i've planned to buy to list them here! haha:)

Well, thats my let's say June Wishlist.. every day i add something more and more that i want so it will never end!

Now, as I said in my last 'First Post', I'm going to share with you my plans!

Beach every day. No kidding! Last year, I spent 30 days in America - in snow! So you imagine my skin color - white as this page! Not this year! 

Beach! Beach! Beach!

After seeing all those pictures from The Blond Salad and Kayture on Coachella 
as well as Vanessa Hudgens i decided this year I MUST go to a festival in portugal and my opinion that the best option will be 
With best Djs and Singers like

etc etc..

SUDOESTE! Party! Party! Party!

I'm originally from Moscow, and i haven't been there for 3 years already and my parents have been planning to go there this summer, all thought its indefinite yet, I'm putting it into my plans! The main reason i wanna go is to work there, take loads of pictures, see my girls! I hope it will be great! 

For now, that are my main plans, i will be updating you frequently since 

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-xoxo Masha

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First Post!

Hello guys! Finally getting started my blog which i've been planning, building, researching for a while now! Today i finished my IGCSE's and my summer began! Cant wait for the plans i've made with my friends which i soon will share with you as well!
            I decided to start my blog with something white as the new beginning and the blank page of my blog which soon will be filled with my ideas, photographs, food recipes, outfits and overall "confessions" where i will be sharing with you the latest news in my life and just random topics i will want to discuss with you!
I'm wearing the white dress from Bershka which i wore on last week's Year 11 dinner at school (I'll post the pictures later this week)! 
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- xoxo Masha