Thursday, 5 June 2014

Summer Vibes

Hello Guys, today I'm feeling so excited about Summer of 2014 and I realized I really need to share it with you! My agenda is getting fuller and more interesting with every day as well as ideas and inspirations for my next purchases and outfits! 
Living in Portugal has its advantages and disadvantages... For example having the greatest weather ever, sunny and warm all the time, diversity of nature, amazing beaches and gardens are of course the major perks of living in such a place.. but then it's really annoying since we don't have the best shops such as Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Topshop etc so I have to order online and there's always a risk its not going to fit you etc..
But that doesn't stop me and my Shopaholic Obsession spending hours in online shops! 
And now I'm delighted to present my...

1. New Balance 420 Runner trainers in Burgundy -
I've been in love with those shoes since i first saw them in LookBook and then its just spread all over the world and right now i feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have them! 

2. Triangl Swimwear - Miami Mint and Santa Rosa Splash
Still thinking if I should buy Blue or Pink.. But definitely the Mint one! 
By Looking at their Instagram ( @ triangl_swimwear) it feels like having a good body is the requirement to wear those bikinis, or do they sell it right with the swimwear? :) 

3. Victoria Secret/ PInk Swimwear -
I think I've visited this website like a hundreds times for the past month! They have the most beautiful bikinis EVER!
Here are some that i just loved!:

P.S. Candice can you stop having such a good body? or you share it or you stop! 
This is too depressing :) :) 

4. Brandy Melville Tops & Dress
a. The Jada Dress in Pink 
b. Chiyo Top in White

1.The Palmtree top i consider just a must have!
2.Burgundy became my Favorite of all my favorite colors!
3. And the third top with the elephants.. there's no explanation needed since 
Elephants = passion of mine! (as I've mentioned in my description :) ) 

5.  Sabo Skirt Orchard Maxi Dress - 
I've been saving money to buy it for really long, and then it went out of stock and i thought it was never coming back but guess what, the re-stocked it but now i have no money! 
P.S. Any ideas how a 16y/o can get money? I'm a bankrupt!

- there are just to many i've planned to buy to list them here! haha:)

Well, thats my let's say June Wishlist.. every day i add something more and more that i want so it will never end!

Now, as I said in my last 'First Post', I'm going to share with you my plans!

Beach every day. No kidding! Last year, I spent 30 days in America - in snow! So you imagine my skin color - white as this page! Not this year! 

Beach! Beach! Beach!

After seeing all those pictures from The Blond Salad and Kayture on Coachella 
as well as Vanessa Hudgens i decided this year I MUST go to a festival in portugal and my opinion that the best option will be 
With best Djs and Singers like

etc etc..

SUDOESTE! Party! Party! Party!

I'm originally from Moscow, and i haven't been there for 3 years already and my parents have been planning to go there this summer, all thought its indefinite yet, I'm putting it into my plans! The main reason i wanna go is to work there, take loads of pictures, see my girls! I hope it will be great! 

For now, that are my main plans, i will be updating you frequently since 

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-xoxo Masha

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