Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First Post!

Hello guys! Finally getting started my blog which i've been planning, building, researching for a while now! Today i finished my IGCSE's and my summer began! Cant wait for the plans i've made with my friends which i soon will share with you as well!
            I decided to start my blog with something white as the new beginning and the blank page of my blog which soon will be filled with my ideas, photographs, food recipes, outfits and overall "confessions" where i will be sharing with you the latest news in my life and just random topics i will want to discuss with you!
I'm wearing the white dress from Bershka which i wore on last week's Year 11 dinner at school (I'll post the pictures later this week)! 
Hope you like it! Feel free to leave some comments and as well click the follow button on the side!
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- xoxo Masha 

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