Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunset Collection

Hey There! 
Some days ago I've been looking through my Iphoto 
and i realized how obsessed I am with sunsets... 
I think we all are..

So i decided to share the ones i like the most, 
and the ones that remind me of the best moments of my life!

This one was in one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, in Guincho! I took the photo with my Iphone so the quality isn't the best.. Still beautiful :) 

This one i took from the roof of my house through a little whole in the tree which usually is right infront of the beautiful part of sunset:/ 
Well, that day the sunset was incredible since as you can see it was in lines but the entire sky was stripy! 

The following 3 pictures were taken with my camera on one of the evenings i spent with my gentleman   by the sea. It was mid January something like that so it was super cloudy but sun was so strong you could see the rays striking out of the clouds!

These ones are my favorite! 
Time: Last summer - July - August. Location:  In all the parts of South America!
I've never seen such beautiful sunsets and sunrises! As you can probably note, they're somehow different from Portuguese sunsets, the clouds are light and see-through.. It was the best trip of my life, it was just me and my dad, driving around in the car for his investigation project (See more : on their website , or facebook ) which is super interesting and i just loved that i took part in it! One day I'll post more pictures from the trip #throwback :) 

These were taking when we were in Atacama desert and our car broke on a Friday Evening when there are literally NO CARS passing through the desert 'highway' so while we were waiting for a car and then for our friend to come back from the city i took an advantage of my camera and here they are the beautiful changing colors of Atacama's Sunset!

These I took in Porto which is North of Portugal, when my dance 'crew' and I participated in a Hip Hop Competition for the first time!

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-xoxo Masha


  1. Hi! I love your blog so much please post more!!!!

    1. Thankss! New posts coming this week! Sorry for delays :)

  2. Could you make a post about you and your gentleman (as you described him)? about the relationship and if you confortable with that you could also talk about "tabu" themes, you know... Most people that read your blog are young and since you have a boyfriend i think it would help a lot people! Thank you

    1. Sure! I'll see if 'my gentleman' is fine with that! And one day we'll post together!

    2. That would be amazing! Thank you !!!!