Monday, 9 June 2014

Sunday FUNday!

Hello Guys! 
Summer started which means the Amusement parks on wheels had opened and one of them is right next to my house! Yesterday, my family and i decided to spend some quality time! 
I love that place! When i was 11 I was crazy about this things. Once we visited the Water park in Dubai which has that HUGE water speed slide, and of course, fearless and courageous Masha couldn't leave the park without going there! I still remember that feeling of breaking the water with my feet.. Since then, amusement parks are on the first place in my "To Do lists" whenever i go traveling! 
In Portugal, these parks are small.. well they are not permanent so the can't really build the entire Russian Mountain in 2 days, but they are still super fun! Music everywhere, Food - fatty 'farturas' are the best! I can eat like 5 in a row! Shinning colorful lights drive me crazy! I took my camera with me (of course.. It's like a part of my body!:) ) and here are some best pictures! Regarding my outfit..
Well, it was dark and my family are DEFINITELY not friends of my camera plus the focus is broken (which i actually like!).. when it broke it was terrible but i learned my way out of it and now i realize how my skills with camera had developed since the accident in the beach with sand getting inside the lens.. Back to the outfit.. as i said it was dark and you can't really notice much but basically for fast windy amusement rides i chose Tartan Pants from Mango, they are soft and comfy and perfectly fit me, and feeling comfortable was important to have fun and not be worried if somebody can see something or getting your maxi skirt stuck in the machines! A simple black top with high neck (i got a little sick last week..) with 3/4 long sleeves and a leather jacket with faux fur under - Super warm and cute:) from Zara! And my FAVORITE boots! I bought them with my own money which i've earned myself so I fell super proud when i wear them plus they are super nice and light! They are from Zara this winter's collection! You'll be seeing them pretty frequently on my blog, i just LOVE them! 
In the end I've created a summery of clothes that look alike with the help of Polyvore :)

Well i hope you like the pictures and my outfit,

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