Tuesday, 26 May 2015

MARVEL Friends

Hey hey hey!!! 
Hows everything, ladies and possibly gentlemen, on the other side of the screen? 
These days have been rough & tough.. Studying in school, studying at home, missing pointless lessons to study more in the library and going to the lessons, purely to clear the doubts of my own and not even follow the lesson topics! Its been 3 or 4 weeks since my isolation mode had turned on! M and I have been studying all the time putting everything on the second place! I wonder if our friends still remember about us haha. Well, this monday 25th we started the exams and I can assure you the relief and gratitude we have for spending those days studying while others spent them playing feels good! And i think we agree that it was totally worth it! 
Today, right now actually, I finished my exams in English school and tomorrow Im off to Madrid do exams for my Russian Diploma! Get ready for overload of posts :) hehe 

So one of those days of studying last week, after doing my trial exam in Russian school, I got to go for a Girlie lunch with my Mom near Expo, where we found this amazing wall, inspired by all the cartoon characters from Marvel, Pixar and others! Thank God I had my camera with me! And as you can see it was a true luck this happened! I just love those moments! 
Im wearing a Zara jacket, simple white top and jeans! Nothing special but with bright colour of the jacket and matching colour of my fav Mike Wasowski from the Monsters Inc. we worked well together and photos came out amazing! Lightened my mood straight away all thou the shoot had to be very quick because i had to continue studying and every 30 min or 1 hour that i lose on enjoying nature, setting, outfits and food is "an opportunity cost "- basically the cost to me of not learning that piece of material at that time which i spent relaxing could turn out to be a question material i won't be able to respond in the exam, you see what i mean? Anyways, now i can relax as Ive done it all, and Im confident Ive done it well! So now, no worries, no stress! Peace and love haha 

For now, enjoy the photos! 
Im going to get myself some chocolate and loud music to celebrate this! yet :)

-xoxo Masha

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Time to find out things about me! | Personal | tags

Hello Out there!
Over past week I got tagged and nominated to participate in 2 TAGS! Tags, are a way to explore new blogs or to find new things about the blogger who's style you like and who's blog you´re following! Yes, we share our style all over the network and express emotions and opinions in the posts of our blogs, but its just a tiny part of us, and i find these tags a very interesting and fun thing to do and to read as well :) 
So here's the first TAG and Andreia Calado from Nerdy Chill Out blog kindly nominated me to do it! 

The rules are simple:
State 11 Facts about yourself
Answer the questions given to you by the blog that nominated you
Write 11 more questions 
Nominate/TAG 11 more blogs

So here are 11 facts about me:

1. Until 12 yeas old i lived in Moscow, Russia
2. I was never blond (even a tiny bit) until i moved to Portugal 
3. I speak in 4 languages, and despite being Russian i think in English
4. I think diets are stupid and I eat whenever I want, whatever I see before me
5. I recently bought a rabbit, which I hate right now, cos he always poops...
6. I love Art -a lot- and I'm good at it, but i don't wanna pursue it as a carrier
7. I want to be a journalist and work in Vogue somewhere like London or Paris
8. Im in LOVE with French language and my aim is to learn it next year!
9. I love online shopping. I always create wish lists and baskets but usually afterwards, I forget about their existence 
10. I like jewellery/necklaces but I don't have any, which is annoying (and i always choose to buy a piece of clothing rather than an accessory which is also annoying)
11. I love wearing rings, but my rule is that whenever I start biting my nails I don't paint them or wear rings. So I have to wait till my nails grow to make them pretty and wear rings!

oops, that was fast! haha but you still have around 50 things about me to find out in the second TAG!

Well now, time to answer questions!

1. O que podes dizer sobre o teu blog? / 
What can you say about your blog?

Im very proud of my work! I love writing and I always feel worried when I have no time to write something.. I don't wanna disappoint you or make you wait and stuff, so Usually when i have time i write ideas and outfit plans so that when i get more time i make it all happen! I don't quite like my layout, but very very soon it will change as I've been working for months on it and then it will truly become perfect! 

2. O que te levou a criares o teu blog? / 
What made you create your blog?

Well, i started my first blog in around 2013, but i was very shy, and i didn't share it, or talk about it in public! I had my confidence problems + photography wasn't good either! But as time passed, and i gained confidence in myself, I decided to start the blog again! Firstly, i thought it would help me develop my writing style & + I always wanted to become like Chiara Ferragni (still do tho... we all do! Lets admit it).. ahah I also think it was just the urge to express myself and show my passion-for-fashion!

3. Qual o teu top 5 de blogs? / What are your top 5 blogs? 

Chiara Ferragni - The Blond Salad.com ,  Nina Urgell Cloquell - @ninauc, 
Kenza Zouiten - Kenzas.com , Sofia Reis - Mexiquer, Barbara Ines - Banging Fashion

4. O que te inspira? / What inspires you? 

There isn't a specific thing you know? Its all very spontaneous! Im a person who thinks A LOT! I'm always thinking about very weird stuff and its even worrying sometimes! So, sometimes, i have those moments when i think about something, and then like a notification pops in " Remember this! You could share that in your blog!" so then i take a note of it and sometimes i share, sometimes i forget about that note and something better or something else just comes to my head! My outfits, are also my - own inspiration! I don't usually look up outfits of celebrities and try copying them - all tho thats a nice idea! i should make a post of it - Noted! (tick) ahah thats an example of inspiration aahha random! 

5. O que encontramos na tua mala? / 
What can we find in your bag?

I don't usually take any bags with me... but if i do there will be : My camera, Hairbrush, Phone charger, headphones, few coins & 5 euros or so, bubblegum... 

6. Qual é o cheiro da tua infância? / 
Whats the smell of your childhood?

Interesting question, took me some time to remember but i think its or the smell of my grand grandmother´s perfume! Very old one and very good quality one! It wasn't the "Eau de perfume" it was actually very viscous and strong! 

7. Até Dezembro tens de... / Until December you have to...

Meet all the deadlines for all the b*llshit homework's and written tasks that IB tells you to do.. 
and Travel with M somewhere nice and romantic hehe 

8. Está sol lá fora e tu.../ Its Sunny outside and you ...

working like a slave! stuDYING for my exams in both of my schools! I haven't been outside for ages! I think eve the Ghost Casper would envy my paleness... but luckily this will end in exactly 7 days and then ill finish my Russian exams in Madrid which will have its perks like visiting the city, Museo del Prado and shooting for my Blog :)

9. O que mudarias? / What would you change?

Right now, in my life there are a lot of things I wish i could change.. like different situations with people around me, time management problems, my diet (to a healthier one!), and my money situation. Being broke ain't funny.. 

10. O que melhoravas no teu blog? /
 What would you make better in your blog?

As i said before my design! and my name it getting on my nerves so I'm thinking i will change it as well... so stay tuned <3

11. O que achas do blog que te nomeou? / 
What do you think about the blog that nominated you?

I didn't know Andreia's blog before she sent me a message in my Facebook page! Right away checked it inside out! The thing i love doing is going to Archive, choosing the first month and seeing the posts and then going to the lasts ones and noticing the difference and the progress! And its very interesting! Andreia's Blog is very nice and i think you should all check it out :)

Welllllll, now I´ll break my head thinking about MY 11 questions! So here we go:

1. Do you follow all the fashion trends, and wear stuff accordingly to what´s fashionable, or you don't really care?
2. What is the difference between fashion and style for YOU?
3. What is the fashion even you must go (or have been to already)?
4. Who are your top 5 bloggers?
5. What are your dreams for your blog?
6. What is your favourite time of year?
7. What is the favourite time of year for your closet?
8. Do you plan your posts or just whenever you look good - you take pics - and write stuff?
9. What do you think about the blog that nominated you?
10. Tell a funny story of you as a blogger?
11. What would you change in your blog?

And Now I nominate these 11 blogs to do this TAG!

and done:)
Next step: TAG of the "eights"! I got nominated by Conceiçao Souza from Palavras ao Vento blog
So i need to tell you 7 times 8 facts about something that i like, hate etc etc! Lets get to eat, this post is getting pretty long and boring! i wonder if you're still reading.. well if you are THANK YOU dear followers hehe makes me happy that even after around 1000 words you're still with me ahha! 

Eight things to do before I die:

1. Ride an elephant, 2. Bathe in the waterfalls of Indonesia 3. Skydive 4. Learn french and live in Paris 5. Meet important and famous people 6. Maybe even become famous 7. Learn as much as i can and travel 8. Become a loving wife and a mother of 3 or 4!

Eight things I LOVE:

1.Clothes 2. Music and dancing 3. Night-Life/Parties  4. Feeling that you've accomplished it all and you're doing good! 5. Finding money in pockets and old clothes, or from last year use 6. Lazanha!!! 7. My Dear boyfriend 8. Starbucks 

Eight things I hate:

1. No internet  2. Having no time to do all the things i want to do in 1 day. Basically i hate there are only 24 hours a day... sometimes its not enough ahah 3. When people lie and break my trust 4. Missing someone I love 5. Dirty room - in terms of dust and my rabbits poop, if there are studies on the floor and clothes on my sofa its considered "Artistic Design" 6. People who answer me slow or who read and don't answer at all 7. Inequality 8.Smokers and Drunk Friends (mostly girls) who need babysitting.

Eight things I say:

1. Oh My God 2. Whatever  3. I need to take photos for my blog 4. "Tipo" 5. Mix between Portuguese and English in on sentence 6. I dunno, like... 7.I wanna eat / Im Hungry 8. Whats my outfit for tomorrow? 

Eight things I can't live without:

1. Support and Love from my boyfriend 2. Instagram 3. New Clothes, Shopping  4. Chocolate and Apple Strudel Cookies 5. Planning out everything 6. Running 7. CAMERA! 8.My phone with unlimited amount of texts and calls

Eight movies/series/books i love:

1.Vampire Diaries  2. Pretty Little Liars 3. New Girl 4. Americas Next Top Model 5. Easy A 6. Interstellar 7. 1+1 Intouchables 8. The Devil wears Prada

Eight blogs to do this tag:

Monday, 18 May 2015

Warm days are hereeee!

Hey Heyy,
How you feeling? Sadly, my parents seem to forget i have 2 schools and 2 sets of exams in the same dates and i have less than 1 week to get ready for both, and decide to go for brunches with other families and friends, enjoying the views and posh conversation.. When parents - mostly dads show off their kids and their extra curriculars or speak in a weird language of business, women brag about their female stuff, all though i confess, my mother is nothing like me - no shopping addict; and kids run around restaurant.. and then theres me - reading book reviews or maths videos, taking advantage of every free moment to catch as much as i can before my exams but yet, thinking about my dear followers, you guys, and one of those free moments i ran to take these photos!
I also took time to take the photos of delicious meal in Farol Design Hotel! This time it was the Mix Restaurant! The best part of the meal was obviously the dessert! Whenever you go there, you can show them my photos and they make the same for you :) <3 
That day was sunny but windy, so a jumpsuit was perfect, with a sweater for breeze minutes, which would make me freeze so much! I mean Im russian how can i be cold in 28 degrees or so?! Jumpsuit is from Forever 21, from last September and the sweater form H&M - long time ago! 

Hope you enjoy the photos, and good luck for your exams if you have them, if not - dont say anything ill get super jealous ahah 

- xoxo Masha 

Soup made of peas :) 

I think that was codfish.. or some other fish, all i can remember it was delicious! 


Dessert: Caramel syrop on top, cupcake shaped biscuit with condensed milk inside! 

Relaaaaxing :) 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

NEW IN | Lavanda Comporta

Hello Dears!
Its been 30 degress these past days and ive been studying closed in my room, which i think its complitely not fair, but thats not the point im writing about today! 
I'm here to share with you an Amazing shop - LAVANDA!! Its located in Comporta, so if youre planning on going there for a weekend spend some warm days on the beach, you must check it out! 
These beautiful sandals are from there! Arent they amazing? Fully made of leather and super comfortable and with long leather stripes you can make them any waya you want - gladiator type, just around your anckles or you can take it out at all! The colourful strype suits for literally everything! They have more amazing, colourfull, good quality and obviously top fashion sandals for us, ladies, to feel like we're on a runway this summer! I certainly will feel so with these beauties! Cant get enough of them, but i know, even if i use them literally every day (which i bet i will), they wont get all distroyed but they'll be "faithfull" to me all summer hehehe As im fully equipped, i advice you to start your summer shopping right there & right now!
Check out their FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM! Give them a like to receive updates about new comings they have! <3

For now thats it, enjoy your warm days and time to start summer shopping @ LAVANDA! 

- xoxo Masha

Monday, 11 May 2015

Celebration Post!!!

Im writing in extreme happiness and enthusiasm with a wide smile on my face! We are now 100! This post is the celebration of the cute number of followers i got this month!! Its 1 month left till our 1 years anniversary, and I'm already enjoying the company of you 100!
This is truly a great achievement for me, and i want to thank you all so much for this! I hope we will keep growing and sincerely, if you like the blog, and visit it regularly, why not follow it? If you're using your mobile phone to view this, if you go below everything there will be a button saying "Viw as a web version" and you click, and you get to see 1. my beautiful design 2. the button "Follow" on your left hand side!
Oh! By the way! - design! Stay tuned till my 1 year anniversary, this little baby blog is going BIG with a new layout, design and even NAME! 1 month exactly you'll see it so once again, follow to get the notification to check it out :) hehe
For now, let me speak about this outfit! This was pretty spontaneous, as we were cycling and saw this beautiful place and since i was wearing this cutie outfit and golden tattoos left from 2 days ago beach session, i thought this was the destiny. Specially, since i never got time to shoot anything for you for  like weeks! The camera you think? was destiny as well, i lend it to a friend of mine, and we cycled to her to get it! And this is how this happened!
Wearing my brand new Zara skirt in Yellow:) White top from Zara, which i found in my mother closet, can you imagine? that spiky woman steals my clothes without telling me! i thought i didn't have this top already but there it goes again - destiny! haha
and this post I'm featuring my collaboration with Mimi et Fonfon, visit their Facebook, give a like! Their tattoos are great quality! Yesterday was the second day and today is the third day I'm wearing them and there still in perfect condition! (well, i didn't try washing them off so that matters as well!)
So yeah, I'm fully equipped to shine this summer with my new tattoos!!

Thats it for today! Im off to finish my set of notes for today and get ready for... MONDAY!
ta ta ta taaaaaam..........

-xoxo Masha 
Don't forget the giveaway! 

Yup thats me, thats me jumping. yep. Cant believe this gone public.. its just I'm SOO happy! Thank to you guys!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Get ready for exaggerated amount of photos in sunset! But come on, the colors are stunning! It was a very fun shoot! Thank god other 100 photos we took are not gonna be seen by anyone.. there are scary crazy ahaha