Tuesday, 26 May 2015

MARVEL Friends

Hey hey hey!!! 
Hows everything, ladies and possibly gentlemen, on the other side of the screen? 
These days have been rough & tough.. Studying in school, studying at home, missing pointless lessons to study more in the library and going to the lessons, purely to clear the doubts of my own and not even follow the lesson topics! Its been 3 or 4 weeks since my isolation mode had turned on! M and I have been studying all the time putting everything on the second place! I wonder if our friends still remember about us haha. Well, this monday 25th we started the exams and I can assure you the relief and gratitude we have for spending those days studying while others spent them playing feels good! And i think we agree that it was totally worth it! 
Today, right now actually, I finished my exams in English school and tomorrow Im off to Madrid do exams for my Russian Diploma! Get ready for overload of posts :) hehe 

So one of those days of studying last week, after doing my trial exam in Russian school, I got to go for a Girlie lunch with my Mom near Expo, where we found this amazing wall, inspired by all the cartoon characters from Marvel, Pixar and others! Thank God I had my camera with me! And as you can see it was a true luck this happened! I just love those moments! 
Im wearing a Zara jacket, simple white top and jeans! Nothing special but with bright colour of the jacket and matching colour of my fav Mike Wasowski from the Monsters Inc. we worked well together and photos came out amazing! Lightened my mood straight away all thou the shoot had to be very quick because i had to continue studying and every 30 min or 1 hour that i lose on enjoying nature, setting, outfits and food is "an opportunity cost "- basically the cost to me of not learning that piece of material at that time which i spent relaxing could turn out to be a question material i won't be able to respond in the exam, you see what i mean? Anyways, now i can relax as Ive done it all, and Im confident Ive done it well! So now, no worries, no stress! Peace and love haha 

For now, enjoy the photos! 
Im going to get myself some chocolate and loud music to celebrate this! yet :)

-xoxo Masha


  1. congrats ! o local é mesmo bonito e as fotos estão fantásticas.


  2. i really like the look, and you have picked a really nice place for the photos!


  3. Por aqui está tudo ótimo, e por aí? Boa sorte com as tarefas! ^^
    Adorei esse mural, eu preciso de ir aí tirar fotos *O*
    Estou a seguir, adorei o conteúdo do teu blog <3


  4. very goog!!!!!!! i like post

  5. This outfit is so pretty! And I love the wall!
    I started following you! xx


  6. Adorei!!!
    Beijinho grande,

  7. Thanks for your comment!
    Now followed you and hope you follow mine,too!

  8. you look greaat! love your yellow jacket!

    life is a shoe

  9. Olá! Gostei do blog, estou a seguir. =)


  10. Adorei o look! O casaco é lindo!
    Segui! segues de volta? www.lightstreetfashion.blogspot.pt :D