Monday, 18 May 2015

Warm days are hereeee!

Hey Heyy,
How you feeling? Sadly, my parents seem to forget i have 2 schools and 2 sets of exams in the same dates and i have less than 1 week to get ready for both, and decide to go for brunches with other families and friends, enjoying the views and posh conversation.. When parents - mostly dads show off their kids and their extra curriculars or speak in a weird language of business, women brag about their female stuff, all though i confess, my mother is nothing like me - no shopping addict; and kids run around restaurant.. and then theres me - reading book reviews or maths videos, taking advantage of every free moment to catch as much as i can before my exams but yet, thinking about my dear followers, you guys, and one of those free moments i ran to take these photos!
I also took time to take the photos of delicious meal in Farol Design Hotel! This time it was the Mix Restaurant! The best part of the meal was obviously the dessert! Whenever you go there, you can show them my photos and they make the same for you :) <3 
That day was sunny but windy, so a jumpsuit was perfect, with a sweater for breeze minutes, which would make me freeze so much! I mean Im russian how can i be cold in 28 degrees or so?! Jumpsuit is from Forever 21, from last September and the sweater form H&M - long time ago! 

Hope you enjoy the photos, and good luck for your exams if you have them, if not - dont say anything ill get super jealous ahah 

- xoxo Masha 

Soup made of peas :) 

I think that was codfish.. or some other fish, all i can remember it was delicious! 


Dessert: Caramel syrop on top, cupcake shaped biscuit with condensed milk inside! 

Relaaaaxing :) 


  1. BEAUTIFUL JUMPSUIT omg i have to buy one myself

    xx nora

    1. Sadly im not sure they have it still, but they have ne collection and their jumpsuits and playsuits are a must have!!

      nice blog! <3

  2. So pretty!! Love the jumpsuit!!

    Love, Maria

  3. Such a beautiful jumpsuit! And the food photos looks so yumm <3
    xx Ama


  4. uau, que fotos maravilhosas! a comida tem um aspeto delicioso e esse macacão é lindo lindo liiiindo :D já te sigo, beijinho

  5. love your blog :)
    have a great weekend!

  6. Hey Thanks for the comment!!! I really liked your outfit with the yellow shorts!!! Very cute <3
    Follow my blog if you liked it <3

  7. Você é mesmo muito bonita, estou encantada! :D

  8. Gostei muito! :) Já estou a seguir

  9. Gostei imenso mesmo deste macacão, é tão mas tão giro!

  10. Thanks for the coment on my blog!! I loved your blog and the outfit! I'm now your follower!! :D


  11. Hello,

    Very nice pics ! :D


  12. adoro as fotos, o macacão e as botas.
    segui o blog, gostei, passa pelo meu e dá a tua opinião.

  13. Adorei a look! E a comida parece deliciosa!
    Obrigada pelo teu comentário! Já estou a seguir (124), agora é a tua vez de retribuir :)
    xoxo, Ana

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  14. Linda!Adorei :) faço o mesmo com alguns vestidos, usar com camisola por cima,

  15. adorei o look. Estou a seguir :)

  16. Olá linda :)
    Não sigo um blog só porque a pessoa me pede ou porque segue de volta. Segui o teu blog porque gostei muito dele!
    Adorei o look, estavas muito gira!

    Obrigada pela tua opinião.

    Catarina A.

  17. Obrigada pela visita e pelo comentário. Já estou a seguir o teu blog.
    Adoro o macacão! E as fotos estão lindas :)

    Beijinhos, *

  18. Estou fascinada, esse macacão é um máximo!
    Love, Annluck

  19. que gira! adorei o jumpsuit e o teu estilo!