Monday, 11 May 2015

Celebration Post!!!

Im writing in extreme happiness and enthusiasm with a wide smile on my face! We are now 100! This post is the celebration of the cute number of followers i got this month!! Its 1 month left till our 1 years anniversary, and I'm already enjoying the company of you 100!
This is truly a great achievement for me, and i want to thank you all so much for this! I hope we will keep growing and sincerely, if you like the blog, and visit it regularly, why not follow it? If you're using your mobile phone to view this, if you go below everything there will be a button saying "Viw as a web version" and you click, and you get to see 1. my beautiful design 2. the button "Follow" on your left hand side!
Oh! By the way! - design! Stay tuned till my 1 year anniversary, this little baby blog is going BIG with a new layout, design and even NAME! 1 month exactly you'll see it so once again, follow to get the notification to check it out :) hehe
For now, let me speak about this outfit! This was pretty spontaneous, as we were cycling and saw this beautiful place and since i was wearing this cutie outfit and golden tattoos left from 2 days ago beach session, i thought this was the destiny. Specially, since i never got time to shoot anything for you for  like weeks! The camera you think? was destiny as well, i lend it to a friend of mine, and we cycled to her to get it! And this is how this happened!
Wearing my brand new Zara skirt in Yellow:) White top from Zara, which i found in my mother closet, can you imagine? that spiky woman steals my clothes without telling me! i thought i didn't have this top already but there it goes again - destiny! haha
and this post I'm featuring my collaboration with Mimi et Fonfon, visit their Facebook, give a like! Their tattoos are great quality! Yesterday was the second day and today is the third day I'm wearing them and there still in perfect condition! (well, i didn't try washing them off so that matters as well!)
So yeah, I'm fully equipped to shine this summer with my new tattoos!!

Thats it for today! Im off to finish my set of notes for today and get ready for... MONDAY!
ta ta ta taaaaaam..........

-xoxo Masha 
Don't forget the giveaway! 

Yup thats me, thats me jumping. yep. Cant believe this gone public.. its just I'm SOO happy! Thank to you guys!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Get ready for exaggerated amount of photos in sunset! But come on, the colors are stunning! It was a very fun shoot! Thank god other 100 photos we took are not gonna be seen by anyone.. there are scary crazy ahaha


  1. Linda, gosto das NB e as últimas fotos estão perfeitas.
    Já te sigo, já consegui (pois há uns tempo não dava) ;)

  2. Olá, tudo bem? Espero que sim, então passei aqui por que você deixou um comentário lá no meu blog, então vi conferir e gostei muito do seu blog, então estou te seguindo ta?! beijos

  3. As fotos estão lindas!

  4. Replies
    1. ahh thank yo!!! are you following? there will be many many more to come very very soon!

  5. Awesome photos, dear! :D
    And I'm following you!

    Love, Maria

  6. As fotos estão lindas! *-*
    Gostei muito do outfit!
    Sou uma nova seguidora!! :)

    1. Obrigadaa!! ainda bem que gosta! isso e o importante!

      vou visitar o seu!! <3

  7. Já saiu o resultado do sorteio?

  8. o concerto é amanha e ainda não há resultados?