Sunday, 17 May 2015

NEW IN | Lavanda Comporta

Hello Dears!
Its been 30 degress these past days and ive been studying closed in my room, which i think its complitely not fair, but thats not the point im writing about today! 
I'm here to share with you an Amazing shop - LAVANDA!! Its located in Comporta, so if youre planning on going there for a weekend spend some warm days on the beach, you must check it out! 
These beautiful sandals are from there! Arent they amazing? Fully made of leather and super comfortable and with long leather stripes you can make them any waya you want - gladiator type, just around your anckles or you can take it out at all! The colourful strype suits for literally everything! They have more amazing, colourfull, good quality and obviously top fashion sandals for us, ladies, to feel like we're on a runway this summer! I certainly will feel so with these beauties! Cant get enough of them, but i know, even if i use them literally every day (which i bet i will), they wont get all distroyed but they'll be "faithfull" to me all summer hehehe As im fully equipped, i advice you to start your summer shopping right there & right now!
Check out their FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM! Give them a like to receive updates about new comings they have! <3

For now thats it, enjoy your warm days and time to start summer shopping @ LAVANDA! 

- xoxo Masha


  1. Amei a sandália estrar muito em alta!
    te nomeei para responder uma tag, caso se interesse da uma passadinha aqui

  2. São giras as sandálias.

    Isabel Sá

  3. Obrigada pelo comentário :))
    Essas sandálias são giríssimas!