Friday, 13 June 2014

City and Sunflowers

Hey guys,
SUmmer is finally here and I'm not sure if i'm actually liking it since it took me a lot of will power to leave my fresh room with air conditioner working to the fullest.  My friends an I we decided to go outside and celebrate the beginning of hot summer and bikini season with beach everyday! The tourist season had opened and the streets are filled with people and kids walking and staring around.
 It's hard to believe even for me that not so long ago like 3 to 4 years ago i was one of them and now i know this place like I've been living here since i was born and having so many friends it must be the greatest blessing!  Sadly not all my exams are done, next morning i have my AQA maths and.. well i don't remember completely anything so this weekend must be study 24/7! 
Regarding my outfit:
I chose this sunny, bright yellow shorts with sunflowers from American Apparel which i completely love and just looking at them makes me smile and wearing them makes me the happiest plus they combine with this Sunny hot weather!  A simple front white top with a nice back from Stradivarius and gold sandals from Pull and Bear, they are open and fresh for summer and the fit with everything!!
The photos came out super inspiring :) 
Hope you like them and my outfit!

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- xoxo Masha