Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fuchsia Fission

Hello dear visitors! 
Having a broken camera is super frustrating, 
sorry for not posting anything for these long two weeks!
So the third day of July.. first month of summer just flew away in a blink of an eye! Summer has that special, free and exciting spirit just when you say that word 'summer' and everyone has different memories but they are all bright and happy and that what matters! Summer for me usually meant going to portugal away from my friends just beach with my family all the time.. but when we moved here every year it was different.. and this summer i told to myself 'This is THE Summer! with the big THE and the capital S" meaning, i gotta make it special and unforgettable! Spending time with people that i love is super nice and valuable time for me and every time i get an opportunity to go for a lunch, spend time by the pool, just grab some ice cream and walk around, i need 5 min and ill be there! i want to make the most out of it and i suggest you all to do so! Staying home is depressing, I'm sick of reviewing my Facebook page, nothing ever happens there, you know why? because everyone is on holidays and tries to spend day time outside and nights partying! thats what we all should do! 
Well today, beautiful day, spent some quality time with my family and friend which i haven't seen in a very long time! Remembering the great times spent together and catching up, laughing at each other and telling stories and eating was some really quality time:) 
Well, it wasn't that hot, kind off fresh so some nice Zara Bright Fuchsia pants (which are the second ones i have, i tried to iron the first ones and i burnt them! the lessons of that day 1. Read the instruction on clothes, they are there for a reason 2. Learn the modes of your iron 3. Listen to your mom when she says 'wait a minute i'll come show you' ) and a white flowy top to keep it light and fresh! and of course my favorite golden sandals:) Today i also wore this beautiful flower crown by super nice and not so expensive! Check out their Facebook page ;)  
So here we go, the pictures on the roads of the beautiful little Cascais with its little roads, houses and beautiful flowers and plants! I love this place, Im so glad we moved here and i can live in such a place! Waking up with the sun in my eyes, fresh air from open windows.. it makes my day and then starting the day with this good mood, makes me enjoy every little detail about this place! 
okay okay no more talking, enjoy!

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-Xoxo Masha 

These Flower Crown by Flowers is making me so happy! you can see! :) :) 

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