Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dinner Out

Hey guys! 
Yesterday, it was my parent's friend's birthday so we went to our favorite restaurant in the hotel Farol in Cascais! I just love that place, we go there so many times and it seems like I've tried everything and already have my favorites but they keep on surprising us when we order combined sushi which are always different! how much imagination can they have to be using pretty much the same products but always in different ways and shapes and toppings (which is when they put some sugary orange or strawberry on top like they did last night!) My favorites are 'Cafe japan' and 'Dragon Roll' if you ever go there, try them! They taste like.. HEAVEN!! This time we decided to go outside in the little private house to celebrate the Birthday of our friend! I swear to god i never ate so much sushi followed by Lobster and more fish and for the dessert my Favorite Chocolate cake which i always have a place for in my stomach and Friend Sweet Apple with honey i guess.. and ice cream! That little 'box' / private place was below the main restaurant and closer to the rocks! The view was breathtaking but sadly the was no colorful sunset but the beauty and power of the ocean pleased our eyes the entire evening! At first when the 'sun' (which we couldn't see behind the 'hat' of clouds) was still above the horizon it was nice and fresh, as soon as the sun went down, we went to the table and it started getting darker so we turned on the beautiful lamps! I just adored them, i even asked the waiter if he knows where they bought them because it's just a 'must-have' for my veranda/balcony which i'm planning to re-making into a 'chilling place plus gym!' No sun meant no 'nice and fresh' and we had to ask for some blankets. Kids where having fun and running around waiting for food when i noticed they looked like little refugees when they finally sat down to relax! I even took a picture, all though i looked completely the same i decided not to share with you my cold look because if I'm cold it means i transform into a little Rudolph Deer with my nose as red as his! 
For this dinner out I decided to go comfy but nice-looking because I knew it was getting cold at night (all thought i didn't expect it to be THAT cold!) so i wore some Zara basic jeans with a very nice shirt from Stradivarius with pleated back, a necklace from Lefties from ages ago (i was so happy when i found it so i decided to wear it) and my favorite boots from Zara! I though it was really pretty and adequate for celebrating our friend's birthday plus nobody really dressed up so we were casually-pretty :) 
I hope you like the pictures, the amazing view, some juicy pictures of some of the sushi which i could take while it was still light outside and my outfit! :) 
You know, any ideas, comments and critiques are more than welcome in the comment, i will be more than happy to answer and get your feedback! 

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-xoxo Masha

And the outfit :) 


  1. Such a sweet blog ! You look like a model, Masha! Your little kids are adorable :) wanna try sushi there ;* amazing view ^^ is your parent's friend portuguese?

    1. Thank you so much! Its good to get some positive feedback!! The sushi - yes! you MUST try it!! Nop, they came to us from Moscow, visit us where we live etc :)