Saturday, 26 July 2014

Inspiration Moments

Hello there,

Maybe last week i was killing my time in Instagram and i saw a photo of Cara Delevingne for the Fall/Winter'14 CHANEL Campaign, so i went to see some more of those and fell completely in love with style, places, ideas and outfits!
Here are some of them:
Her tattoo seems to fit the photo and it's just brilliant + you clearly see the eyebrow game :)

 The more I'd look at them, the more i noticed some things about Cara which knowing her for so long, seeing her in magazines i never really thought of them and they seemed so normal that when i noticed more about them I took some minutes wondering about them. Maybe you guessed but if you didn't i was talking about her eyebrows! So many girls now-days plug their eyebrows so thin - which i don't its super painful i don't get how you don't start crying after fourth or third. Well, her eyebrow game got pretty serious but it never bothered her instead made her more popular i think, then I went to see other models and their 'flaws' which actually made them 'flawless' in you know what i mean! And here you have:

Georgia May Jagger with her Tooth Gap.. 
What if her parents actually took care of this Teeth would she still become a model? what would be her 'identification' ? or What if she didn't become a model and this flaw wouldn't be something she would be proud of then what?
I mean, my mom spent 7 eyes trying to fix my bite, my from teeth instead of being vertical were literally horizontal!
And now i see Georgia and she's modeling for Chanel, Miu Miu and Versace showing off her pretty big gap.. which i don't really think is making her pretty.. but oh well, the moral of this story is that its never late to make your Flaw - your Greatest Strength..

Same i can say about #2!
Lindsey Wixson with her Teeth and Mouth and also Nose which contributes to her pretty unique face!

The first moment I looked, when doing my research, it looked pretty weird, but unlike with Cara, i got used and didn't think the face was that bad! Her fatty, small lips and pretty thin nose made her go on the Cover page of the Brazilian Vogue in August of the 2013! 

'Eyes are the mirror of the soul'.. Well our next models, gotta have some pretty wide and big souls!
Lily Cole with her Wide Eyes… 

and Nina Burns from the 20th Season Of America's Next Top Model which i sincerely LOVE! I've been watching it since i was 7 every time I'd come here in Summer because I couldn't find it on our Russian TV, guessing because it would be up on TV super late when I'd be sleeping. So Since then I became more and more addicted so now i follow up every episode that comes up! And the next one is coming right before my Birthday on the 22nd of August!Well Nina's got some pretty BIG eyes! Those two look like aliens for me, and I'm pretty sure if i went to some local Model Agency with such eyes i would't get in Anywhere.. But well done to girls i guess..

This question of getting into Agencies with such flaws made me think, how did Cara become famous! 
Well in one of Cara's Intervies she said "I've been best-friends with Genevieve Garner, daughter of Sarah Doukas [CEO of Storm Model Mangagement] since I was five. Sarah saw me when she came to our school and Gen introduced us. I had never thought about modelling before, and it just happened."
So tip 1
Have some contacts with friends and their parents in Model Agencies! (Anyone out there?:) 

Pretty much every other model was discovered when they went to a model agency! When i was living in Moscow, my dad put me in one of those and at the age of 5 i was doing some cute catwalks for famous brands, and had my own portfolio and did a lot of publicity-adverts! Some of Anonymous people and my friends had asked me to tell something about my childhood so here it is:

 This was when i had like 5 and i needed to make a portfolio which is basically a book with your photos which   will help people who want to hire you to see your abilities in front of the camera and get an idea how you are etc without having to see you personally at the early stages!

My First Catwalk / Runway for Children Fashionweek in Moscow where I won my title of "The most pretty little model at the Children Fashion Week in Moscow" 2007 or something like that.. 

Later on, my cut tie pie face was on the packaging of a juice! (Yes, it's me.. gotta trust me!)

  When i was around 10 I got chosen to be the face of a Moscow Clothing Brand:) This is one of the photos I thought more appropriate to put online since i don't wanna coming a social suicide :)

And the last and the greatest thing i did was to participate at the Runway// Concert at Pierre Cardin Runway when i was 11 right before i left:)

So yeah, since I moved i didn't have time and luck to try out modeling career in Portugal, but I think I'm gonna take that under control since i really like it! :) 

Hope you liked my post! Any ideas and suggestions please comment!
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-xoxo Masha 
Have a good weekend ;) 


  1. Não gosto muito se ver as modelos com os dentes afastados... Tiveste imensa sorte quando eras pequena, eras mesmo querida! :)
    Segui o blog :)

    1. Thanksssss! Followed yours :) So many followers for such a short time! Well done :)

  2. Маш, все там мило и интересно! Молодец :) "моя семья", господи, это была ты ^-^

  3. cara is amazing that one is my favorite too. she looks gorgeous :)