Monday, 28 July 2014

Rebel at heart

Hello there! 
Good thing about having a father that is traveling a lot is the presents he brings back! And they are always unexpected and you can never know what its gonna be, a simple post card, a toy or a pendant which took my breath away! 
I just love the dragon by Thomas Sabo 
(you can find his website here and the link to the pendant here!)
As soon as i got it, all the ideas of what i can wear it with, to where came in my head! Can't wait to share the looks with you!!
The detail is amazing, such a brilliant work I'm in love! Looking at it, it might seem heavy but its really not! Everyone will notice the dragon on your neck, but you! So light! 
Hope you like it, just as much as i do.. maybe not actually because I'm just IN LOVE with it :)
Thanks daddy, super happy :)
P.S. Look the model on their booklet and website! ;) 

-xoxo Masha

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  1. Lucky you, it is really an amazing necklace! :)