Friday, 1 August 2014

Remember me in Red..

Hello my dears :) 
Im feeling super happy and you're about to know why! 
Since I moved to Portugal, i didn't go back to Moscow and i haven't seen my friends, and a few days ago I received a message from a really old friend of mine saying that he's in portugal for few weeks with his family! Our families have been friends since my first year in school and they were ones of the first ones who knew we were moving! So in few minutes we scheduled a time and a place! This feeling, when you move and think that everyone forgot about you at once got completely reversed in my head, someone actually wanted to see me and know about me! we planned in walking around Lisbon, specially Parque das Nacoes which i really like but instead we sat in a restaurant, parents talked about their business and we talked about everything! Long story short - we told each other everything happened for the past 3 years we haven'r seen each other, news gossips all at once and this happiness and excitement knowing about how the place and people changed (which also made me shocked some times!) but still it was a really emotional day! 
Since we've planned walking round on a very hot day specially in Lisbon where it's hotter than in Cascais i decided to wear this Red dress from Pull and Bera, one of my first purchases with my own money since i moved here (yes its a very old dress!) which is just as special as the occasion for me! 
Some people when they see this dress say 'This is Masha' without having to look at my face! You know sometimes when people tell you 'Oh that person..!' and you have a vision of them in something dressed (usually :D) so if you ask what the associate with me? Right is this Red dress i wore once on a mufti day to school (basically when we get to leave our uncomfortable uniform home and wear normal clothes), and since that day this dress is my signature, this dress is ME! 

Hope you like it:) 
Any comments, ideas and critiques leave them in comments below:)

-xoxo Masha

That day when we went walking around - the shops in Commercial Centre of Vasco de Gama i got this new boots with open sides which i thought super nice! the color and the style! they are very elegant and are made right in the shape of the foot making it look super thin (see the picture from above!) 
And a new shirt/blouse also from Zara which looks good with the boots and its just the style i always wanted! free casual and good-looking for any occasion! :) Getting ready for the 2 years of IB without uniform :) 


  1. Beautiful photos, but I really love that boots

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

    1. Stay tuned new outfit is coming soon with those booties :)
      Thanks! i like your blog ;) Did you press follow already?:)

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  3. Estou absolutamente encantada! Felicito-te pelo belo trabalho que estás a fazer no blog, adoro!
    As fotos estão um máximo e admiro imenso o facto de "postares" em inglês.

    Muitos parabéns e bom trabalho, Masha

    Inês Batista

    1. Ah muito obrigada! e tao bom ouvir este feedback tao positivo!
      Did you press the double square near the join the site button to follow me?) assim vais receber as notificacoes no teu email!

      muito obrigada, fico feliz que gostas!