Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer days

Hello peeps,
How's it going? last days of summer are the ones I spend with family, and with family of my future family (haha)! Few days ago, M and I, decided to take my brothers and lil sis to his house (it wasn't the first time tho..) but this time, we came prepared for pool, for football and for endless fun time before school starts and we won't be able to appreciate and enjoy the good weather, attention of beloved ones , giving the attention and sharing love all at once.. 
Everyone had something to do, no one could get bored even for a second this 4 hours we spent together! Even thought pool was freezing cold we all found things to do, and as you could probably guess, mine was to take pictures! As I've told you already, camera is like a part of my body which i take EVERYWHERE! PLus i guess it's the blogger spirit and obsession in my head which makes me document and record every moment to share it with you guys:) Well, boys are boys so all they needed was football, imaginary goals all around the garden and endless amount of water and all you could hear from any corner of the garden was "Goaaaal", "What a defense" and "Pass"… My younger brother enjoyed the free trampoline and best view of the football championship between M and my other Brother! While my lil sis played with the most beautiful and kindest puppies of German Shepherd! With the ball running around and screaming on portuguese "The ball", "get the ball" and their names sound so cute i couldn't stop filming and taking pictures! 
Later on I'll Post more pictures of this Swimsuit and how you can wear it but for now, enjoy the photos:) 

(Yes I'm wearing socks and it's for 2 reasons: I have little wounds on my toes and My legs were freezing cold on the ground!)

 Her face reminds me of the spartans in war! but so much aggression? no.. I think it's happiness, joy and excitement of getting and throwing the ball! Which I just admired when looking at all of that! 

When the giant M got onto the trampoline it got even more exciting and I just had to join that little party!

How good having a boyfriend that likes taking pictures (of you specially :) 

 A minute of silence for the positions of everyone on this picture………… 

When the sun went down, I as the person that gets cold in one second needed a jacket, and what can be better than a baggy jumper taken from his closet, with his smell and the color which looks pretty good on you ;) ? 

So that's it! I could post the entire 600 Pictures i took, but these reflect the best moments of the day! And i hope you liked this pretty personal post:) Enjoy the last days of summer and spend more time with your family! Cos in the end, this is all that matters <3 :) 

-Xoxo Masha

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