Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hey Hey Hey! 
Guess what? when you're reading this now, I'm on my way to Sudoeste Festival! (or already there, if you're reading it late night:) ) I've been excited about it for months! Re-looking the website of the place where we gonna stay, the facilities they have, the line up of the festival - i know it by heart i've looked at it so many times, the weather website was already in my 'favorites', my clothes were folded in piles for days, ready to be put in my suit case and Here we go! The day has finally come! 
Do you know that feeling like little fireworks in your chest when you hear a song like.. Hardwell for example or Martin Garrix or Jay Hardway and you realize you'll hear it in a little time but way louder, way brighter with lights and that vibration in your heart from the speakers going so loud, you almost can't sit still on the car sit, watching same landscape pass for hours! 
What about that feeling when you get there, the air is warmer outside since you probably turn on AC and doing that deep breath and exhaling the last molecules of calmness and filling up with energy and even more excitement and desperation for the nighttime to come! 
As an explanation for my outfit i can say i was inspired by the famous outfits of Coachella, boots, dresses, hippie-like looks! The look must be comfortable for jumping like crazy, (not something you'd care a lot about) since those big guys with beer all around you might accidentally spill it all around or even worst all over YOU! (thats why i will change for short later hehe) but to get there all fabulous i wore this Nasty Gal dress, with my lovely new Zara boots and loads of weird random accessories i could find! 

Hope you like it! 
Any comments, ideas and critiques feel free to leave them below!
Enjoy your holidays, and if you're going to Sudoeste as well, okay then 

-xoxo Masha


  1. Olá sou nova por aqui e já ameiii, seus looks são maravilhosos. Quem tira suas fotos? É que ficam divinas mesmo! Já pensou em criar um canal no YouTube? Acho que séria legal né? Kkkk

    1. Ah muito muito obrigada!
      ja tive a pensar por acaso mas gosto de tirar fotografias mais de que falar e fazer videos! tambem mostrar looks por videos perde a ideia geral! Mas acho que vou fazer algo parecido mesmo em breve! entao nao se esqueca de por follow (double square button near the join the site button and then follow!) para estar sempre 'updated'! beijinhos!!