Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hello there! 
Early morning and I'm already preparing this post! Yesterday it was my 17th birthday! Well, 17 has nothing interesting to celebrate, there's still one year ahead of me to have more freedom such as driving license or ability to drink alcohol, but this year gives me possibility to do anything without getting into the jail (hahaha).. So i planned lunches and dinners with people i care most about along these 4 days! 
With every year, every birthday i feel less and less excited about doing anything, just chilling with my family, boyfriend and friends, catching up after summer is what i wanted!
All though, last night M did anything possible to make my day exciting and remarkable so i will remember forever! And he succeeded, so right now I'm way more excited to see all my friends than i was before.. It's sad actually, what do we loose with every year so birthdays become less magical? Presents..? I remember wanting new bicycle or new painting set with brand new soft brushes and clean new paint! Now technology gadgets and money became what we need the most and i think this is also the reason we don't look forward our birthdays with same excitement, plus we already know our presents, when kids it would be an intrigue before the day to open the presents! Yeah! the presents? wanna know what i got? stay tuned for the next post with outfit and all the presents:) (feeling excited hihi)
Yesterday was a total surprise i didn't know anything he would do and this surprise, made me remember my childhood, I woke up with presents and breakfast in bed something i would never expect, and continued day with little clues about what was gonna happen later! Choosing outfit was pretty hard, since i didn't know where we'd go and going overdressed or not dressed at all isn't nice specially when your going celebrate your birthday! So I chose this outfit (a total Zara lover outfit since everything is from Zara!!), burgundy - my favorite color light sweater, and this mini skirt with double animal print and my new boots! All together it seemed casual and festive in the same time, i thought it would be nice for any place but for any activity? oh no.. I didn't think that I'd have to go by motorcycle so this was my very first obstacle of the night! Later on, wearing a skirt meant - 'not feeling your legs and freezing to death!' But well, 'pretty hurts' but i survived and spent my night magically romantic and well dressed for the place, time and accession! Oh! My bag :) well, actually my mommy's bag, which when I found out she was about to give it to our (ex) maid, who by the way turned out to be a total b*tch, so thank god i ripped it of my Mom's hands at the right moment and now i have this white Furla beauty for my use at any time i want and not as earlier when my mom was in a good mood or didn't notice i took it :) 

Hope you like the outfit! How did you celebrate your last birthday? Id it just me feeling this loss of magic in every birthday or you guys too? 
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-xoxo Masha


  1. Everything is beautiful! I'm looking foward to the next post! :)

    1. Thank youuu!!
      it will be up very soon :)

      <3 xx

  2. Gorgeous! I love your style :)

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