Monday, 8 September 2014

Hey there!
Oh my god, i feel so bad for not having time to write anything and leaving you without any update for more than a week! (oh no! 2 weeks!!!).. Im so terrible! but its explainable! With school, new subjects and specially having Art back in my life, i completely forgot how it was having to spend my free time on drawing and researching to make my book 'richer'! I also got a new thing which is CAS! If you don't know what it is, its basically that you need to do 150 hours of Creativity, action and service! While doing those, we also need to keep a blog! Isn't that just amazing doing what you love and loving what you do for school and getting points for it!? You can check my activities (and even follow me) on - you will see a complete different me, wearing my almost pajama clothes i don't care about, doing stuff in mud or dirt or under the rain (which happened this weekend on our camp shah!) I was so happy when they said we need to keep a blog, i just love writing! By the way, i was thinking about writing some articles like mini Carrie Bradshaw with her Sex in the City, I'd wanna write something small like that for my school magazine! Any ideas on topics that would be interesting and appropriate to write about for school audience? 
So now about the outfit!:
I had the photos ready for some time, i only needed to write something and edit them! I wore this outfit to meet up my friends the week after my birthday! I love the skirt, specially when i walk down the street or doing the stairs (wore it to school and couldn't stop staring at the back of it) flowing and waving down like a river on the stairs! I'm not the biggest fan of crop tops (yes, there are people like that! ahah) but yet, i found it super nice choice for this skirt! Obviously, my dear gold sandals and the look came out very nice, girly and summery, which on the last sunny days before the rainy autumn where just what i wanted to feel like! 
So here you go:

P.s. 1. check out my CAS blog; 2. think about some topics for my school magazine 
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-xoxo Masha


  1. hey, u have such a great body... I wish I was you! Do you have any diet or do you practice any sport? xoxo

    1. Heyy! Thank youuu! well my diet is: eat everything you find in the fridge! ahah but yeah I do run sometimes (all tho i haven't done that in so long.. gotta go back to it!) and i also dance! and sometimes, when i have to go to my friends houses i chose public transport and walk!