Wednesday, 17 September 2014

On the Artsy Side

Hey there!
Today, I'll be sharing with you my artsy side (and not only mine but my families as well), and not as but still some outfit details!
So today, it was the opening of my Grandma's Art Festival 'Vera' (link here)! It's been happening for 7 years already, all though only in Moscow, but this year they made it in Portugal! The seventh - lucky time - they decided to move into a different place and join all the cultures and traditions and make it very international festival and celebration of Art! It will be on in Cordoaria Nacional in Belem, Lisbon until 21 and then at night of the 21 you will be able to see me in Casino Estoril, Salao Preto e Prata (The Black and Silver Salon) wearing a gala dress for the awards ceremy of the festival! I'll be talking and translating stuff, so I'm inviting you too see me and enjoy the gallery for the rest of the week, any time you want! The festival, collected masters of their techniques and ideas from different countries! Hopefully, there will be more people coming in every day, so next year, they will do it again, just cos i LOVE those things! all though, it has to be MY will to go to a gallery, maybe do a transcription, take some pictures or just stare at pieces for the time i want, because if someone makes me go to an exhibition and do all those stuff, I'll become so demotivated and the only thing i'll be thinking about, is when this $#!T will finish:/ So this time, i took advantage of this Artsy side of my family, in making this festivel/exhibition and went to pleasure my deep passionate ME:) 
Since it was an opening (which we actually got late too, and didn't see my Granny cutting the red ribbon) i still had to wear something classy.. But then i though, this year, it's pretty small, so i'm not gonna 'waste' something WOW, if there not gonna be show it too, so i chose my very nice dress from Zara (wasn't hard to guess :) ) and my favorite booties (as always)! Looking : nice, elegant, girly and even casually dressed up! So i guess i've completed and ticked all the boxes in 'how you should get dressed for you grandma's festival opening!' *applause to me please*
I really hope you'll find some time, an hour or so to visit the gallery (all the infer is in their website - link above), and also join me in Casino in Estoril on the 21st! 
well now: #omw to do all the homeworks i left behind thinking miracle will happen and they will get done by themselves.. well no it didn't:/ So…

-xoxo Masha

 Oh And After everything calmed down, we went outside take some pictures with longer shatter speed and here you have the results! I think it came out super NICE!