Monday, 29 September 2014

¡¿Donut bother me?!

Hello hello hello!
What i was scared about the most, had happened.. me not having the time to do anything but school, school and… school:/ as i've posted in Facebook, i spent my entire weekend hardworking and being totally antisocial to get some free time and less homework's, so i could take some pictures of my favorite outfits of the week and write to you my favorite followers and dear visitors (which i hope will become followers hihii) It's been 4 weeks, 1 month of being an IB student, and guess what? i need holidays. i need summer. and i need time, like how about one more day in a week? one more saturday? I was also gonna start gym and while the weather is so great meet some friends, stay outside with M instead of being locked at home while its raining, but no! All the teachers decided to give me short deadlines, 1000 words essay on topics i don't even understand:/ why can't they asses my language, linguistic features through my blog? ahahha I'd have 7s.. or not :/ 
Well, the day i used this outfit, my dear M decided to cheer me up after school, (after seeing me in this shirt) and take me to Starbucks eat some donutsss! How much i love them! Sadly, we don't have donkin' donuts in Portugal.. I'd be their loyal constant consumer, 24/7!I'm such a fatty… haha well I'm happy, thats what matters! :) 
Oh, the jeans!! So basically, they are my grandmas, from her long-time-ago teenage years! I think I've never seen jeans that are so old, so fashionable, so good quality and in such a good state! My jeans, die after what, 1-2 years? even less.. what happened to the quality of clothes? They are Levi's original mom jeans, she bought them somewhere in europe and she said they were relatively cheap comparing to the prices now, so.. wait a second, the quality goes down, prices go up??? I always wanted this type of jeans, and when she saw me shopping in Urban Outfitters, buying jeans for 70$, (thank god she saw me!!!) and told me to wait till she comes next time and she'll give me! And so she did, and so you see me so happy wearing them almost every day!! YEY:) (Thank you granny, if you're reading this <3 )
Details? Easy Peasy, Top: Forever 21, Shoes?… simple white snickers god knows where i bought them:/  and backpack from Accessorize:) super cuttie! 
Hope you enjoy my original photos (my good camera broke:( so sad… gonna have to buy new one, but for now, playing with my lil babe GoPro :) 
Follow met everywhere:) 
P.S. Facebook page got hundreds of likes in such a short time!! Thank you guys <3 hope you spread the word about my blog <3 

-xoxo Masha 

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