Sunday, 5 October 2014

Not to empress you, but I'm a unicorn

Hello there! 
Relatively early morning, big-big breakfast, choosing my outfit and off to lunch with friends and do homework in very nice, calm place -> Casa da guia, in Cascais! The weather today is more than great, sunny and breezy! I'm actually feeling a bit skeptical about this 'doing homework with friends', because my experience shows you actually never get anything done, instead you sit there, talking for hours,a dn when you start working, something comes up in your head, like a story from maths class, or commenting on Spanish teachers that you forget about the work, all tho you're talking about the subject, you are not really working.. and then, in the end of the day, you get home, see the list of homework's… no ticks, just boxes and spend late night, with music and dim light doing the things you could've done with friends, outside on a sunny day. But in the end, it was worth it, seeing people, that are not particularly in the same school as you are, is so nice, you are ready to give up some healthy amount of sleep, just to feel the connection! And thats what important in friendship, no matter how many things you've got to do, no matter whats the weather, you make an effort and find a place, things to do, and you go! 
So for this meet up, 'with homework' I'm dressed in my lovely MissGuided Dress, LOVE! the color! Doesn't it look great with blond hair (all tho you can't see it well..:) and my sara bootiess!
I chose to add something different to this photoshoot, is my Unicorn head from Urban Outfitters! Isn't it cool? I can't find an excuse to wear it, and i bought it for some time already! So yes, this swing dress so flowey and fairy like, made me remember of this head, laying in the back of my closet, with think layer of dust which finally found its use, the moment of happiness and light on a sunday morning like this one! 

Hope you like the dress, the photos and if any comments, leave them below, will be happy to read them and answer! 

-xoxo Masha