Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sweater Weather

Mmm looking at the weather forecast, i see temperature drooping, sun hiding behind the clouds and and few drops coming up, and i know what it means! Warm, sunny-smiley weather is going away and rainy days are coming! Am i sad? well a bit.. I love being outside, i love going to places and not taking any jackets with me, i like when my feet are in sandals, i like that freshness in the shades and that soft feeling of sun when you step out (obviously, till the certain point, until it starts burning and you turn a red lobster, or a tomato, depends on how you call it :) ) Autumn has its own sides and aspects that i like, all tho i think it makes me more thinkable, more calm and less talkative and way more concentrated about school! I specially love those days, when it rains a little, then sun comes up and that freshness, and maybe some little rain but it doesn't bother me! Few drops on my skin, sun and warm temperature makes me a little child, with rainy boots on, jumping into puddles! Yes i do that.. 
All thought the closer it gets to winter the more annoying it becomes, since i don't have a wide range of sweaters it will be a little repetitive, but great variation in jeans will help hihi. Autumn makes us cozier, we choose to stay home and invite friends over, watch movies and popcorn, stay by the fire, play games or something movie like which actually happens! You can  make it happen yourself and thats #1 in my to do list for this autumn (oh yeah, i do to do lists for everything! for every day, month, year, turn, holidays! helps me stay organized and don't forget anything)! This autumn, I'm buying sh*t many board games, movies (cos all my collection of movies are in russian:/) and all the weekends, we have less things to do, we'll chill together and enjoy the coziness of this amazing season! Unfortunately moving from Moscow to Portugal, would mean leaving behind huge amounts of colors, the street colors! Every neighborhood would be filled up with green, huge and wide trees in summer which would the turn gold, red and orange in autumn, falling into fresh-collected piles of dry leaves or stopping on them with my little booties, are the greatest memories of my childhood! Moving also meant leaving behind snow adventures, snow fights and snowmen! Here, theres now now but rain, hardcore rain… which i got used to actually! 
Regarding outfits, mmm my favorite color scheme, brown, burgundy, black, mustard as the traditional ones, but this season Im spending my funds on Cobalt and Royal blues, Greys and Aluminum colors, and to add some brightness Orchids and maybe fuchsia!  Also, colder weather means high boots, and comfy comfy timberlands!! How much i missed them! With the 'calçada roads' in my school, they are so comfortable to run around! (and since i always lose my bag or forget stuff i do that a lot)
So talking talking talking, here you have my wish list (or wish-grid) of sweaters and coats that are on my list!!!

1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.   11.   12.   13.   14.

Hope you liked it! Any comments, link with nice sweaters, ideas and advices or so, Comment them below

-xoxo Masha


  1. Adoro o 2.!
    Podias fazer algo sobre acessórios ou dizer a tua opinião sobre acessórios indispensáveis para este inverno?...
    Looking forward to your next post!!

    1. Obrigada!!! Yeah that's good idea!! I'll do that later! Too many news coming your way;)