Thursday, 9 October 2014

Up the Stairs

Hey Hey Hey! 
Good to be back so quickly, good to be able to write and have time.. or maybe not having time still trying to do anything but my homeworks and essays due to tomorrow or so, but hey! I do what i love and i love what i do and that's the greatest motivation! I recently found how much the motivation means and hat power it has! No idea how, but i became so persistent and so direct about the things i want and i need and i'll do anything to make things done and i find it very important and advice you to do the same! Im surprised with how much free time i collected from little bits Id leave around when wondering around house, laying here laying there and then going back to work and then again laying down but now i have it all figured out! Free time had been re-directed to gym! I went there 3 days in a row can u imagine? maybe, but you definitely can NOT imagine my state every single morning! I need to have some more patience to do the stretching exercises, but who's got time for that these days? If your struggling with motivation to do homeworks think about future! I guess i got so excited and pumped to become a fashion journalism, I found english research, english homeworks and english as the subject very interesting and this vision of me dressed up in Prada and Thin High Heels, "Clacking" on the White Marble floor in london or in paris, makes think that i will only get it, if i do this work and so i do it! I guess Im just lucky that i get to do what i like to do, and i specially realize that on the lessons when learning about feminism, but thats another story.. 
As promised, time to share with you something that happened right today, like few hours ago! 
To start, lets go back in time, lets say more or less a week. Masha was so bored she decided to do something with her life, so she did a list of things she used to do and doesn't do them anymore.. In between the lines with sports and hobbies, activities and places there was one she was always interested in.. Modeling! In my earlier posts i've shared with you my childhood, my little achievements in modeling and commercial areas, and so week ago, it was on my lists of things I'd like to go back to.. I had some links written from my previous 'nostalgic' moment and so i finally measured my 'dimensions' and sent to many different places! So i guess you know where im getting to.. YES! Today it was the meeting day at different places, different people but for the same reason and with the same aim! Get my face onto pages of your magazines and on tabloids on the bus stops ahah maybe yes maybe not, but i just wanna have my best friends, the cameras, the lightings, the make up and hair artists back in my life!! 
Since the meeting were after school i dressed simple but pretty, it was the most bipolar weather, when i would be putting on my crop jumper, get cold, put my hoodie on, get hot, take off the hoodie, get hot again, take off the crop jumper, be fine for 20 min, get cold again and  put my crop jumper on again and like this the entire day! Green Acid Wash bottoms, ah how much i love those jeggings, tight and comfy, the colour matches my eyes hihih and white top with nice back, again, closed but open so if too cold, I'm fine if too hot, I'm ventilating:) And crop jumper from Topshop, guess why cropped? same principle for the top! I was thinking a lot while putting up the outfit!

Hope you liked my outfit and my #AchievementOfTheDay ! 
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-xoxo Masha


  1. ahh tenho as mesmas calças! também as adoro!
    Uau mas agora vais mesmo começar a aparecer em anúncios? Depois queremos ver o teu trabalho ;)

    1. ahah I hope i will! and if i do, it will go straight away to the blog, don't worry:) <3 beijinhos! Obrigada Ritinha! <3

  2. Muito obrigada :) ♥
    Adorei o teu blog, as fotos são fantásticas! Estou a seguir!