Friday, 24 October 2014

~ Inspiration Of The Week ~

Heyo My dear followers and visitors! 
Feeling so happy today, don't even know why.. oh no, i know why! Last day of school yeyeye One week, of freedom! All tho i need to do some creativity, action and service things for my CAS but its still nice! Gonna play tennis and surf with M, cook and take care of cute babies:) Speaking of surf, which i really miss doing, this post is about Inspiration of the week.. as you could probably understand already by the title :/ daah.. Haven't done inspiration moments in a long time! 
This time, we have Gisele B√ľndchen, a brazilian model, all tho you can't really say that by her surname! I've read she is the most-paid model and its totally fair! I love her, her body is amazing, her movements in this videos are so smooth, i just admire her! 
Basically, as you can see, Gisele goes surfing, riding big waves with Chanel Surfboard while “Games of Thrones” actor Michiel Huisman longingly stares at her. It tells a story of love lost and then dramatically found again. The kid is so cute tho! 

Some historic background: Chanel No. 5 is one of the most storied fragrances in history. Marilyn Monroe famously claimed to have worn it to bed. It's also the most successfully marketed scent in history: Past campaign stars have included everyone from the iconic Catherine Deneuve to Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt! My mom used to use this perfume, and i even think her mom as well. This is the type that never becomes 'out of date' or 'unfashionable' looks good on everyone!
Sincerely speaking, i can never define if perfume looks good on me, mom always told me 'if you sense it when you wear it, its not for you', so i never really bought a perfume for me, but the one i just LOVE is 'Viva la Juicy' which i stillrememebr the story how i found it. I was in Duty Free in Dubai, with my Model Agency and we had like two hours and what will young girls do? obviously try make up and perfumes so there i was, spraying on those thin papers and mixing all of them.. and there not was, that fancy bottle and i sprayed it on me and it hit me: this one! but obviously, no one gave me money to buy it so yeah.. still waiting for it:/ Maybe I'll try Chanel No. 5, as Marilyn Monroe wore it to bed, its gotta be really powerful ahah who knows, who knows.. But what this mini film made me so inspired about, (to write this post for you guys) was obviously the sport… I used to do Surf, and i think its very sexy! Look at Alana Blanchard, Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore etc etc.. Blond hair, fit body isn't that what everyone wants? but yeah, i kinda failed and never went back all thought i knew i had all the potential to do great stuff i was just to tired of falling and some days it would be amazing and great and i would want to come back, but some were complete opposite and so i guess there were just too many bad days so i gave up, which now i really regret, and thanks M, we'll definitely go, and maybe my enthusiasm and motivation will come back! 
For now, enjoy Beautiful Gisele, riding waves in her sexy suit (i wish water here was just as warm to wear one of those… :/ )! I hope you guys will have one week on holidays as well, if not well.. HA HA HA!!  Jealous?! Get happy! cos more time means more posts and outfits hehe! + I order so many things from Forever 21! 

-xoxo Masha

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