Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hey thereee!
Sadly nothing lasts forever, and no matter how much i wish those moments did,
 we had to come back from the party paradise place to every summer day routine at home! 
While making this post, i think i didn't stop smiling for a second, every video i looked through, 
made me feel happy and the memories popping out in my head with every photo i passed through in the albums made me realize, that these 2 days, were the best days which will stay in my memory forever! 
"Good memory, isn't enough for good memories" - a phrase I found in tumblr not so long ago, made me realize that the memories we've made these 2 days will be never forgotten (and the proof (photos) will be never deleted from my phone!)
So here's my photo - diary of the best 2 days at Sudoeste! 

I was gonna say 'A picture is worth a thousands words' but then i realized that i can't just post a picture of our houses without stating how cute and lovely they were, super comfy and cozy! I remember, the first thing i asked as soon as we got there was 'Are the walls thick? Won't we be super cold at night?' and i was right, at 4-5 am when we'd come back from the concerts, the houses were freezing cold but good night cuddles saved me from turning into an ice-sculture even with loads of blankets! All though i confess the mornings were super hot-.- 

The first morning, My M made breakfast - pancakes with banana and chocolate cake I made the morning before leaving!  With chilled music, sun-rays and the fresh air coming through open windows that morning seemed to be like taken from a movie, with both of us cooking, singing and of course messing around with each other!

Of course I took my baby GoPro camera with me to capture the best moments! It's small, it even fit in the pocket of my jeans !!WITH!! the protection cover! And here you can see my happy chinese face and our little castle for 2 days with my prince :) 

No comments needed i guess, this IS the picture where words are not needed! Amazing sunset shared with my besties <3 

And the most exciting part of the post!! I always leave the best for the end! Having a meal - dessert is always the last to go and even while eating the dessert i leave the best part of it for the end and same here, the best parts of the nights where usually by it's end! That feeling I talked about, that vibration in your heart standing right near the stage with speakers so loud and jumping! Oh yeah, I jumped so much i lost 2 kilos! This is my favorite type of gym! 

I was so lucky having the "backstage" bracelet and having contacts (actually having pretty amazing friends that have contacts) to go to the backstage and dance with less than 20 meters away from Martin Garrix! Seeing the crowd jump all at once was breathtaking! If you think about it, there were twice as many hands as people.. that was crazy! 
Looking horrible but hey, what matters is that JAY F*CKING HARDWAY is standing right by my side!

Well, that's it! Tried my best to share all the excitement and happiness! 
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P.S. Get ready for outfit posts, 2 definitely with what I wore at day in the Sudoeste, unfortunately nobody wanted to take pics of me so I'll have to take them here:/ 

-xoxo Masha


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    1. Hey! Thank you so much!!! All tho it says here that your not following me but i believe its due to stupid error gfc gives with being unable at that moment blahblahblah! Maybe, you know how to solve that problem? have you ever had it??

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