Thursday, 21 August 2014

Back to School Preparation!

Hello there!
21 of August! 10 days life till we go to school (or maybe more if your lucky and don't go to the same school as I do and your first day of classes is in 2 weeks or something..)  So all this excitement and preparation made me think that I don't have a bag for school.. So then, i decided to do some research and share with you my ideas about a school bag.. 
With so many books and folders we need some pretty big bag and a comfortable one! Plus, akin in consideration my health problems - basically my completely ruined back which seems to e getting worst and worst it has to be a backpack, so the weight is on both shoulders and i don't wok around in a weird shape, struggling with one shoulder suffering under the huge weight and other literally almost touching my ear! So i went to see some backpacks! :) 
Here are the 6 i just found Super lovely!!! Each has it's own style and just by the backpack you can imagine the character of the person! (look closely at them, it's true :) 

1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here 6. Here

Of course, some totes are also useful and some variation is good as well! One day won't ruin my back even more so why not spend it in that weird shape?:) 
These bags i found the most 'appropriate' for school! They are big and loads of things can fit there! The first one is made of leather which means it will last for long time, nobody wants have an accident of broken holder which once happened to me at school… I will never forget that day and how much i hated myself for buying a bag i liked and not the one which was stronger and more resistible!

Le pliage - classic! There no more i can say about it! It's just perfect for school! All tho mostly you pay for the brand:( 

1. Here and 2. Here

The next one is by Marc Jacobs! So casual and nice! I just loved it! So funny and original! 

Mickael Kors! mmmmm so stylish! Love the color! And once again, its big and nice! Material is very good and strong which means you can put anything you want in there! 

For now it's all I have for the preparation 'ONLINE", but now: 

What I did today:


 Colored paper is my favorite! i love writing important thing, rules and formulas on colored paper! Then i keep it for the exam preparation put it on my walls and memorize when i have nothing to do just by looking at them! Since i believe my visual memory is the strongest! Highlighers and Gel Pens - needed many but then I realized i still had some from my previous visit to Staples before the exams in june! All though i had a very unpleasant experience with gel pans they are still my favorite! Unless, it rains and my folder falls into water and all the papers come out of it:/ yeah.. wasn't nice.. 

I usually don't admit that pink is my favorite color but today, i really felt like having everything pink for next year and all shiny and glamorous so i tried to choose as many thing as i could with pink color! 

 Shopping with M is nice but i get so distracted.. I didn't even notice i bought 2 packs of highlighters! :/ 
And i had an opportunity to notice that like 3 times, while re-checking if i forgot anything, while showing him what i bought and while putting everything in the end to pay…

All excited ripping off the bags and packaging i put everything inside the case and I'm ready to go with my shinny silver folder for every day :) So excited! But now.. i still need to buy a bag:/ 

Well, thats it for today..
Hope you liked this post! What you think is best for school - backpacks or totes? Are you ready for school yet? 
All the comments and ideas please leave below!
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P.S. My birthday is very very soon and i have so many lunches and meetings planned with my friends so expect a lot of outfit-posts! 

-xoxo Masha 


  1. What are your results of exams? :) school starts in September..

    1. Im proud to say i got 2A* 5A.s and 2Bs :P Yeah that sucks.. summer passed so quickly all though it will stay in my memory till next summer!!! xx

  2. What do numbers and letters 2A* 5A.s and 2Bs mean? :) sorry ahaha

    1. Okay so basically the grading goes from E to A* (E being the worst grade and A* the top grade you could get) so basically with words it would be 2A* = 2 excellent , 5A's = 5 Great (or Very good) and 2B's = 2 Good! :) its fine! its the IGCSE System grading! Check it out~