Wednesday, 13 August 2014

  Hello there!
Being back home is kind off depressing… Many of my friends are still not in cascais, having fun somewhere in Algarve or even outside of Portugal.. lucky them! While I'm almost killing my brothers for being annoying assholes and apart from that spending the time with my beloved one <3 
August is like Sunday of the week, school is kind of far but still so close and the day of the release of GCSE grades is even closer! and then 5 days after i have my birthday.. before I'd be counting days till my birthday but this time it will only remind me of the day of the grades.. Actually, sincerely talking, I'm not even excited for my 17th birthday.. Im more excited for Xmas (which russian people don't even celebrate) but still, after Xmas I'll start my driving license for the NORMAL CAR! So yeah, what was i saying.. Birthdays, growing up makes it less exciting (except 18th birthday of course! can't wait for it: my driving license and of course the chic party with boys in suits and girls all classy!) but this year, turning 17 makes me want to spend my night with <3 and sleep the entire day.. 
Anyways, about my outfit… in my previous post I said I would show you my outfits on Sudoeste! This is first day, flowey shorts from Bershka, white t- shirt - with a nice detail! Since simple White tanks are too mainstream :/ haha and my favorite long jumper from LookbookStore and my favorite Boots from Zara (as you should know by now:) 

Wish me luck for my grades and hopefully I won't fail and will continue into IB which also means - More outfitsssss since I get to wear normal clothes! So excited!!! 

for now, tell me if you like this outfit, 
any ideas, comments and critiques leave them below please :) And I finally fixed the Join the Site button so feel free to follow me :)

-xoxo Masha


  1. Your outfit is nice :) i failed some IGCSEs but im allowed to continue year 12, anywaysss good luck!

  2. Such a nice wearable outfit! I am in love with those shorts, I hope I can still get them! Hehe :)

    1. thank you!!! oh unfortunately they are sooo old like 2 years so i guess u can't buy them! :(