Monday, 7 July 2014

Golden Streams of Sunset Rays

Hey Guys!

I was gonna start my day by another "urgh it's monday again" 
but then i remembered Hey! Its Summer!  All though it felt like Mrs. Weather forgot that july is supposed to be hot and sunny and not windy like it's winter! 
It was that windy, it would make me fall! Plus the day started so well I left house without any jackets! 
Today, it wasn't just a summer free Monday, it was a Spontaneous Picnic Monday! As i said before, making the most to of this summer was my major aim, even if it meant kind off self inviting myself to my friends picnic in a very nice garden next to Casino in Estoril! All though when saying 'Picnic' we imagine those inspiring picnic checkered red and white blanket, the picnic bag, toasts with some jelly… but this time as i said it was 'spontaneous' so we went to buy some tasty sandwiches, chocolate croissants and my favorite orange juice in the best pastry shops in Portugal - all though i think its a stereotype.. (i actually think i'll write a post about my relation to stereotypes of places and things!)
To this sweet meet up with my friends i wore something casual and practical for a picnic which I imagined to be with blankets and home-made food, all though the top wasn't very practical in the end of the day since the wind would make it go sideways and upwards and since its so light and flowy it was super cold.. The jeans and the top are from Zara!
Comment if you like it, any advices and criticism be open and tell me!!! 
Also, comment some ideas for my Stories part, I'm feeling like adding something in :) 

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- xoxo Masha

 Some more photos of my back, just because they came out AMAZING! Loving the sunlight and the lightness of my top with wind :)


  1. Wanna read something about your stereotypes :) like your blog !!

  2. Yeah, yoy should definately make a post about stereotypes!