Friday, 11 July 2014

Feeling Fresh and Flowy

Hey Guys! 
Few days ago, it was a day at the beach with my family and lunch at beach bar! 
It also was one of those days when there's no sun, just grey skies and extremely hot and feels like your walking in one huge sauna with hot air and no breeze even in Dunes of Guincho when there's always wind, today there wasn't any!!! But thanks this Sabo Skirt Orchard Maxi it was nice, fresh and flowy!
If you remember, in one of my first posts i did my Summer Wishlist and this dress was one of the clothes i said 'i must buy this summer' and hey! Welcome to my closed! I was so happy when i got an opportunity (which is basically the money) to buy it! The Longest 2 weeks past (13 days actually) and i finally got that white bag with this beauty in it! And now I'm happy to show you the pictures! Comment if you like it, any advices and criticism be open and tell me!!! 
Also, comment some ideas for my Stories part, I'm feeling like adding something in :) 

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- xoxo Masha


  1. Loving your dress, its adorable !
    Could you please wright something about your childhood, family and Russia? :) will be great
    Good luck with your blog, i really enjoy it! *-*

    1. Thanks a lot!!
      Nice idea, I'll see what i can write about it:)

      Thank you :)

  2. How did you do your hair so part of it is wavy/curly/frizzy?
    Love the blog xx

    1. It's been my secret for really long time almost nobody knows how to do it at home but you can go to a hairdresser they might be able to do it :) hihi

      Thanks a lot!! xx

  3. Your dresss is soooo cute ! btw how didi you do your hair? Sometimes i try to do the same look i make braid or do with the straightener, but never look so well !