Sunday, 4 January 2015

Winter 2015

Hello Hello my dears! Happy New Year to everyone!
Im sorry i haven´t said a word in literally, ages! Kind Santa gave me a camera for Xmas so im fully equipped to shoot my #OOTD and share them with you! I´ve missed this so much but family vacation - means no social network therefore it were the most painful and blog-craving weeks of my life, but i promise im back on track with new clothes, new camera and new me i guess? Isn't is the goal of every year to change yourself but by the end of the year realize you´re still the same height,weight and drama queen as you used to be! So no need or false goals and promises to yourself and your beloved body and lets aim at something achievable - for me for example, it will be do as many giveaways as possible, because i love you! Join and collaborate with shops and finally find a way to get money because my wish lists and buckets are getting 3 and even 4 digital! For now, my dear fashionistas, I´d like to share with you what this winter is going to be about? What should we were and shop this season, with help of my favourite magazine and dream work place - VOGUE.

1. Sweet Sixties

Who doesn't get inspired with those times of baby dolls Twiggy and Penelope Tree? Pastel colours, Mini-Skirts and trapeze dresses are going to be the New Black of the season! All though this time, lets steal the artsy side of ours from Spring/Summer 2014 runways and add some prints and shapes, updated with the modern twist for this season, to our wardrobe!

2. All over knits

Staying home in blankets and granny, ugly Christmas sweaters, isn't that the best feeling ever? Well now, we are allowed to go like this outside - No Judgy Zone! One of the most eye-catching and striking trends for this Winter is the comfortingly soft, full look in wool, as seen at Stella McCartneyMarc Jacobs and Céline. To keep it cozy lets make it natural, creamy colours will be the best choice!

3. XXL coats

`Daaaad? Can i borrow your coat?´ As the eternal classic, the ¾ length coat cut a longer length this season. And the beauty of the trend, is that you can use as well as heels, sporty trainers like Nike Roche and Air Max to bring the urban part of you and combine it with sexy classy we all love! 

4. Goldmine 

Gold took to the spotlight as it cascaded across the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runways. Making audiences want to hit the dance floor, the gold rush trend was seen at Saint Laurent, Prada, Chloé and Moschino.

5. Night birds

"If you´re a bird, I´m a bird" Noah and Allies Dream come true this season! The couture touch of feathers graced ready-to-wear runways this season. Soft and light, the plumes added a touch of refined elegance to each silhouette, floating breezily down the runway, as light as the wings of a bird.

6. Fairytales

After the magic of Victoria´s Secret Show we immerse in the fascination of fairytales! From Little Red Riding Hood, to Snow White and the Queen of Hearts, Fall/Winter 2014-2015's collections were dreamy and imaginative. Delicate fabrics and precious embroidery were a homage to some of the most famous fairytales.

7. Tailoring

I was wondering, what can i do with all the jackets and jeans that M once forgot or lend me wear? Thank god, designers solved my problem! This winter, suits take on a masculine edge, as girls walked the runway in boyfriend-borrowed ensembles. Big, Edgy + smells like him? Im definitely wearing that this season!

8. Military khaki

Balmain Army of Lovers had blown my mind! Kim Kardashian And Kanye´s photos we literally as my desktop background! I really think this new era of sexy military outfits by Olivier Rousteing influenced a lot the trend of this season! Step in the line to hit the streets with looks from Fall/Winter 2014-2015. Khaki is the dominating color as well as Olives an Burgundies!

9. Optical monochrome

Black and white went graphic on the runway, as designers presented intricately geometric patterns, The prints of the season created hypnotic images and optical illusions. Catch their eyes and steal their attention with mind-blowing patterns of your clothes, this is what it is about!

10. Poncho

I remember i never really like Ponchos when i was little, it was impossible to play and kind of uncomfortable but when you grow you realize the beauty of it - the free movements! An iconic piece of folk style, the poncho was a key appeal on the Burberry collection of ponchos which you can personalize with Initials od your name! I just love personalised items but when you can make your coat with the two or three letters of your name this is just a must have for me!

11. Capes

On the same line with Ponchos - Capes are striking this season! Whether scarlet, embroidered with pearls or delicate designs, paired with a fur hood, or straight from Grimm's Fairy Tales, the cape is the outerwear piece of choice for Fall/Winter 2014.

Keep it stylish and trendy lovelies, see you soon with bunch of new posts and outfits! 

-xoxo Masha


  1. Loved it! And love the new look of the blog, I want to change mine as well! :)

    1. Thanksss! oh yeah a little change was nice thing to do! you should!!

  2. Vogue is my favourite magazine to :*
    Would you like to follow each other ? let me know

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, it made my days !!
    I love pretty much all these winter trends , they're so fashionable ;)