Saturday, 17 January 2015

PORTO - Day 1 - Taylor´s

Hello there!
As you might've seen in my Instagram, if you follow ( @manyashaa) me of course, then you would've known that right now I'm typing this in a beautiful city of Porto in the north of Portugal! Some people asked me ´Hey? why are you in Porto?´ and it got me thinking.. There isn't a big explanation, as we - humans, many many centuries ago were always moving around.. the nature of human living was about travelling from one place to another in the search of food and place to stay..  They wouldn't stay in one place for long, nothing would hold them back but with development and simple discoveries they discovered how to build houses, make animals domestic animals and make families so this began to hold them back and our nature changed into more domestic humans lets say, where we have our houses and we don't travel as much. Some people managed to leave everything behind, the properties the jobs and take their  loved once and travel the world in a mini van - every typical tumblr girls dream (ahah).. So M and I decided to have our getaway weekend... Sadly only weekend as I'm guessing parents of 17years old teenaged wouldn't be happy with us leaving school and them behind, but yet, we get to spend 3 days in a place we've never been before and tun into Mini versions of Dora the Explorer and discover the city of Porto. So friday 16th the day I've been waiting for for 3 or something months, counting days on my phone app and literally surviving day after day - finally happened. Early morning we took the train and our romantic adventure began!
As we got to our cozy hostel the room wasn't ready so we took advantage to visit Taylor´s place! We found ourselves drinking port wine glass after glass and loose the notion , the feeling of our feet and head on our shoulders at around 3 o clock. Here you can see the pictures i took and aren't you just in love with their ceiling? yes! Its a ceiling so colourful no need for editing even! totally #NoFilter ahah

We took a little guided walk around their warehouse and learned some new things about the making of Port, the styles and the history!

We didn't notice the time passing but yet decided to walk by the river. Gladly the weather apps were wrong and there was no rain but grey skies which wasn't that bad actually..

 The views were staining, i couldn't stop taking photos but M was getting annoyed of my Blogger addiction so we decided to head to our hostel and find out what was behind the door with the name of our suite `Douro`- the name of the river! As the door opened so opened my mouth and eyes! Cozy bed, little veranda was just what we needed for 2 hour rest before the dinner!

As the sun went down and we got sober :) we headed our way to the centre of Porto city to have dinner at Burger Place - Bugo´s Burgers! Which by the way overcame our expectations! The burgers were tasy and delicious, the size is just perfect you eat it all, slowly drink strong Port and get happy heheh :) And this is what i got while we were waiting for taxi:

And now after the Photo Diary of Places enjoy photos of my happy face wearing: New Balance 300, Zara Jeans, Stadivarius Basic Loose Top, and Zara Duffle Coat with Huge Hood which made me look like an Eskimo! At least I was warm tho..

Later today Ill share with you more detailed photos of my outfit so stay tuned my lovelies and have fun wherever you are this weekend:)

-xoxo Masha

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