Monday, 19 January 2015

PORTO - Day 2 - City Centre

Bom dia! :)
hehe I´m into portuguese mood today! So there it was second day, waking up with little headache of previous night´s dinner and wine tasting day we were ready to visit the ´other side´. After cute breakfast in bed made by M, we left ´our house´ to go to the centre of Porto, which meant crossing the bridge and walking up and down hills so comfy clothes were the best choice for the day. 
As a very organised person i hate waisting time on wondering around, as an antisocial person i also don't like asking people the directions so months before we left to Porto Ive done a plan, with routes, big maps printed and all the places we had to visit. 
As the time was around lunch time and our tummies.. id rather sale the wales inside our tummies were about to perform, we decided it was better to eat first. Where to eat in the city centre? Ive bought before and so the first pin drop on our map was Majestic Cafe, which we took a lot of time trying to find as nobody warned us it was under construction and the beautiful entrance, we googled before, was covered in building protection sheets... When we finally did find it, after like 10 min walking up and down that road, we entered the beautiful cafe with old vintage style mirrors, dim lights and loads of tables with happy people enjoying the delicious food. We felt like Pasta Bolognese and hot chocolate to get us active and full of energy for the adventure ahead of us! 
3 pm. 
There we were, holding hands and under one umbrella, one with camera (guess who?) and other with maps, guiding our way through the beautiful city, surrounded by winter-naked trees and under grey skies, but so in love with the moment. We´ve visited different sorts of stuff, from library to church, famous roads, little local shops and the final destination was the Crystal Palace with its beautiful gardens and amazing view over the city - basically everywhere your parents would take you but by our own will - and this is what i loved about it..
With the sun going down, we were getting colder and hungry which meant it was time to get home and find a place for our dinner! For now this is it and here you have the photo diary!s

Stay tuned for the outfit post of that day!:) 

-xoxo Masha


  1. I've never been to Porto, but as soon as I get back to Portugal I am going to go :) These pictures look beautiful!
    xo, S
    check out my personal and travel blog ♥

    1. Thank you!!! I'm following you hihih nice blog!!

  2. Porto is amazing, hope you enjoy it. Are you visiting any other city in Portugal? Maybe mine... Coimbra? :p You should! It is known as the student's city and it has a really nice youthful atmosphere. I think you would love it! :)

    1. mmm interesting! we were actually planning another weekend and we've been looking at cities in PT! maybe yeah! if i go there, we should definitely get together! Id love to meet my readers!!! <3

  3. Amei todas as fotos :)
    Parabéns pelo vosso blog,