Monday, 12 January 2015

Midi - Maxi - Fur

Hello There!
Finally on the 12th day after the New Year had started i had the time and possibility to take some pics and write you something! I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately and i thought what could make it more fun than its already is!? So i thought i need to find Sponsors which will push me to take photos and have deadlines, the real deadlines so i don't disappoint them and also add something to my wardrobe because, really, i got very tired of everything in there and no matter how much I'll try to sell it all i won't have enough money to buy everything i want.. Even if there are sales :) ahah so i figured it would be best stop spending money on one night dress, or one time use top and keep everything! Freeze my credit card in a huge square of Ice like it did the girl from the "confessions of a Shopaholic' movie and wait till theres a three or even four digital number! And when this miracle finally happens I'll go have a day off to shop shop and shop! With time my style changed and this week, reviewing my Wishlists and my list of links that i save of nice clothes i realized that this is not me at all, so i Deleted all of them and going to start the new Me Wishlists! yey!:)
For today, I've tried to wear something completely new and weird for me.. as Im not very tall - 1m70 and the midi dresses that are so in fashion now don't usually look good on me, making my legs shorter and i just don't feel comfortable.. but yet, i decided to give it a try! So here you can see me in Burgundy (obviously, my fav color!) and a fur vest (yes its huge I know.. I share it with mom cos all though it was given to me i never wear it!) and shoes.. well there was a problem cos i needed to make my legs a bit longer than they seemed so i thought these boots were quite nice and all though im Russian lately Ive been completely freezing outside and these shoes have holes so i needed to add something.. Here where the socks idea comes from! 
Im having mixed feelings about this outfit so i want your opinion! 

P.S. Im ready to tell you a secret! I was going to wait till the actual day but i just can't keep myself calm and stop my on-going and non-stopping exciting mode! M and I we are going to Porto this weekend! Its been a long time since we planned to have our gateway trip and now we finally have the time, place and money! so stay tuned for Photo Diary Every day (there are three days only but still) and outfits outfits outfits! My Dear will be the photographer - lets see how it goes :) hihi

well, enjoy <3 

-xoxo Masha


  1. Always stunning, love your hair ♡

    1. Always the cutest :) thanks!! it got lighter :) hihi

  2. Replies
    1. thank yo very much!
      Follow me with google friend connect to stay tuned! Ill follow your blog as well just leave the link! <3

  3. Gooooorgeous!!!
    I'm already following your blog :)