Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Halloween

Booooooo My Dears! 
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Its 31st of October which means its Trick or Treating time B*tchez!
Back in time, in moscow, i didn't even know abut halloween till like Y6 which is like 10-11 years old.. Yeah i know, i lived basically in a cave! After i started English as third language in my Spanish School, we learned about that in the lessons, its history its meaning and watched movies with halloween in america! Since then its been my dream to do something like that but yet i didn't get a chance - still on my Bucket list ;( In moscow we only did it once -> 

  so when i moved here, to Lisbon, Portugal i thought it would be more exciting you know? but nop.. not much, as older i got the more things i could do and trick or treating on the streets turned into going out! Which I'm obviously not complaining about! Still, i wish to have a complete mascarade NOT sexy type of halloween party! 
THIS: (the second one)

Not this, all though i confess I'm not the first option, but not the second either.. #TooMuch #ControlYourWhoremones 

 The first Halloween NIght i tried to be a cat, with long nails i've made specially for Halloween! I chose white gel nails, so first: they shine in UV light (i thought they would but they didn't :( ) and cast eye lenses i ordered specially for the day which were supposed to shine but they didn't :/ so yeah it failed completely! On the second day when my brothers and I full of hope and excitement decided to try our luck and walk around trick or treating! Look at my baby sis, isn't she adorable: 
By the end of the night some houses were in toilet paper hehehe thats how we do it:) 

 SO here you have my outfit! = or make up but basically i wore black pants and a black top with nice back hehe stripy and shinny! 

Hope you liked it! How was your halloween? Commentsss! I wanna know everything! If you've posted stuff in Instagram: add a hashtag #STRAPLESSHalloween AND I'LL BE CHOOSING BEST OUTFIT AND MAKE UP!!!!

-xoxo MASHA 
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  1. Hahah adorei as uunhas!
    e a tua irã amorosa demais!! saudades beijinhos!