Friday, 13 March 2015

NEW IN | +1 Partner Papua Beachwear

Hey There!
Just a quick reminded that Im still alive! Sorry haven't posted in some time, but guess what? Its Lisbon Fashion Week, which means Ill be spending my weekend watching new collections, meeting people and obviously taking photos to share these moments with you! 
So stay tuned!
Now, listen to a little story... You know it, at the very moment, when the motor of the mail man motorcycle stops by your door, when the noise of heavy boots stepping closer and when the bell rings loudly, makes your day brighter! Those happy days you run to open the door and get that voluminous package and the excitement fills your eyes with happy tears! Only sound and lighting effects are missing when you lift that envelope into the air!! You know what I'm talking about? This happened to  me today morning when i received a little presents! But from whom? This is what this entire introduction was for! I wanted to tell you about:
My new Collaboration with Bikini Brand for this summer!!!! 
PAPUA Beachwear! - link -> go, like, buy! 
Their bikinis are simple beautiful, super comfy and Im so happy and thrilled to be working with them! Sunny days are almost almost here and ill strike my first visit to the beach in my brand new AUSTRAL separate piece which is *just by the way* on SALE right now!!

Check their shop, but for now, ill show you my favorites <3

Starting from the top:
1. Bikran 2. Gobi 3. Tycho 4. Atlas 5. Kayapo ;
but then there are just so many more i wish i could have!

And thats it for now! Enjoy your weekend and sunny weather! I heard there will be some rainy days coming but that doesn't mean you can't start your Summer'15 bikini collection right now, by visiting Papuas website! :) 

-xoxo Masha


  1. Nice papua tops. Looking sexy and comfy to wear.

  2. Good diversity of bikinis, All that you wear on the beach, even beach bags adds a lot to the style you use.