Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bohemian Dreams

Hello there! 
The summer is finally here! Today is the First of July and after spending June meeting the deadlines I'm excited to start living the life and also, counting 2 month until my 18th birthday! It will be dreamlike! yey! 
Meanwhile, I cant believe its been over 2 weeks that I haven't said anything.. I guess I've been having too much fun since school ended ahah! One of those fun things was going to Vilamoura to my friend's house for few days, before I start working! There is so much to tell i don't even know where to start! After waking up at 8 and spending 8 hours in school our regime changed to waking up at 11 and spending about 7 hours on the beach, going home, eating and going out! Sadly that paradise lasted for only 4 days but it was truly fun and I loved spending time with the True friends!  
Of course with such a busy schedule it was hard to find time to shoot all the outfits of day'n'night for you but I managed to shoot this look for you which is truly my favorite! Look at the photos, don't they just scream "Bohemian Goddess" ahah With the beautiful sunsets of Vilamoura the combination turned out truly magical! 
Im wearing a dress i bought last year in Quicksilver shop after my birthday but i never got to wear it 
:( So this was the premiere of it! Paired with the cliche boots i always wear - sorreyyyy I love them and they fit with everything!.. and Accessories were on point this look! Blue back from Zara, Purple sunglasses from Emblem Eyewear, Golden "Goddess crown" and boho tattoos from Mimi et Fonfon :) 
Enjoy the magic of the photos, comment and follow me with GFC (blue button! check web version not mobile to be able to see it!) 
Kisses! Enjoy your summer to the maximum! 

-xoxo Masha 


  1. I love bohemian style, but i also give a edgier style to the bohemian style xD

  2. Прекрасный пост:)
    Нашла тебя на просторах контакта в Fashion bloggers. Уже в ПЧ!:)
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  3. I'm totally in love with this look. You look gorgeous.

  4. Lol it is an exciting thing to almost be 18, but once it happens, nothing really changes lol. You feel the same. I love that dress and the gold accents you added. Gold is my favorite color. -

  5. Olá! Gostei muito do blog e do post :) O vestido é lindo de morrer!
    O que achas de seguirmos os blogs uma da outra? Já sigo o teu :)
    Este é o meu:

  6. Adorei o look, super fresquinho e adquado para o verão !
    Segui o blog :)

  7. Gostei muito do look, está muito giro.
    Já sigo
    Clara Dinis

  8. o vestido é liiiindo, e com a conjunção das tatuagens ficou perfeito!

  9. I love the dress and your hair is beautiful!


  10. Loving this Boho Fashion Look with our Sunglasses!!! Looking beautiful and ready for a music festival :)

    Thank you !!

  11. Wow, amazing pictures. I love your dress and boots <33