Monday, 8 June 2015

Papua Bikini

Hello Guys!
The month of June, of sun and beach, of warm and sleepless nights (wether its because you're partying or because its too hot to sleep) has come and its already the 8th! Even though i still have 3 weeks of school, deadlines to meet and more travelling to Madrid for my exams, I now have less stress and more time to enjoy myself, pool and my lovely bikini from Papua! Its been soooooo long since i received! Luckily, this weekend i got to go to my pool and shoot some pics wearing this white beauty, which sadly looks too white on my pale skin, but I'm feeling optimistic as soon I'll get tanned and it will look better :) yey! 
Enjoy the photos <3 

- xoxo Masha


  1. The top is amazing! :)


  2. WOW. Love that bikini, It looks stunning on you! xo