Friday, 13 February 2015

14th day of the Second month..

To all the single ladies out there! To all the ready-to-mingle-and-pringle! To all the proud and independent ladies who don't need a man! To all the single man out there as well tho.. this post will be NOT one of the cliche posts you see all over "What to give to your man?" "What do women want this Valentines?" blahblahblah all the pink and ribbony things will NOT appear in this post! In stead of satisfying a tiny percentage of couples who i think, should think of the present based on how much they know their partner and not google, Im going to give you ideas on how to appreciate being single on 14th of February and say no to the mainstream 'Dead love bonfires' of burning the toys and clothes you had received from your failed lovers a la Friends Episode, or overdose of cheap chocolate while watching those cliche 'Notebook" and other Nicolas Sparks movies the typical white girl things to do on the 14th day of the Second month of the year.. 
As you may know from my previous post, i was sick this entire last week, and nope, i didn't get to go to my school's International Dinner, which made me pretty sad and as im one typical example of a white girl - Beyonce, Coldplay and Maroon 5 play list was on repeat that night. Throughout the night of endless scrolling through my feeds, i found thousands of posts and pictures, joking about the single people doing nothing on Valentines day, so thats what inspired me to think about things Id do if i was single on the day when streets fill in with walking hands-holding couples and flower-selling man running around!
Hope you enjoy this, and tomorrow, comment how you spent your day! Cos after few days, ill show you what i did and what i wore:) hehe To stay more tuned and updated by minutes , follow me in Instagram (@manyashaa) and Twitter (@manyashaaaa)  :) 
Well, lets get to it:
1. As on this day people show their love, i think it would be nice to show how much you love yourself! Exercise, go for a walk with just updated playlist or visit beauty salon, massage or manicure will make you feel so much better! Who knows, maybe so beautiful and fresh you might meet your destiny on your way home - you never know :) If staying home - order sushi - sushi are fancy :) If movies - choose fashion movies, or comedy movies! Or something very scientific - its been my obsession lately - movies like Interstellar and theory of everything made me very into science and all the smart things - basically the things i can't do haha
2. Some might be falling in love with people this day, but you will fall in love with new things you're about to do! Trying new things are the way to get you r mind away from the casual routine and step out of your comfort zone, which actually doesn't have to happen! You can try yoga or ballet lessons, go to cinema with girls (50 shades of grey trailers and short releases got me pumped and i can't wait to see it :); if you'd rather stay home try cooking new things, desserts or international cuisine! Maybe one day you'll surprise your loved one with the variety of things you could do (thats my aim tho.. but for now all i can do is my chocolate cake - which is pretty useful in any situation :P )
This day i dare yo to challenge yourself to try something you havens done before!
3. Participate in a Secret Valentines! Which is  basically secret santa but on Valentines day! This is what Im doing with my girls now! Only few of us have boyfriends so for the rest we decided that this day - nobody is staying without a present! Plus its a reason to get all together in a cozy place, restaurant or someones house and joke on the sexy underwear you gave to each other which only your bed with share with you hahah!
4. Valentines day expectations are usually very exaggerated... I mean its a normal Saturday, if it was another holiday like Easter, i wouldn't even be writing this post. My point being, we don't need to overthink these type of things. Let happy couple enjoy their company even more on this day and we can enjoy the company of our friends, having just as much fun as if it was any other day of the year! Throwing a little party or get-together would sound nice! Even if it means just lame movies and pop corn, or cupcake making and hot chocolate while spilling our soul out, sitting by the fireplace!
In the end, id like to say that, obviosuly if you like to stay single, keep up with the good job your doing now, but if your seeking for your prince on a white horse, maybe going to new places, doing more things will increase the amount of different people you meet every day and maybe on of them will appear to be the one! So trying new things as i said would be th great opportunity! If you're not feeling comfy with yourself, a small make over will make you feel fresh! Shopping for different style of clothes, different make up details with create a whole new look for you! And with new look comes confidence! Confidence is the key :)

Well, there you go, my thoughts on how you can spend Valentines day :)
Hope you liked it!

Speaking from the taken and madly in love side of me, im super excited for tomorrow! The plans we've made are about to come true! Theres gotta be something in the nature of the Valentines day that would make a normal dinner out more romantic and a normal cinema visit cutter!
All though som things won't change this day - I will still carry my camera with me everywhere we go to capture everything as im the biggest memories collector ever and he will still be my photographer and shoot me whenever i want so i can share the happy moments with you! :)
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- xoxo Lots of Love, Masha

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