Sunday, 22 February 2015

Peachy Afternoons

Hey guys!
A week of holidays is great! A week of holidays, alone in your room doing homework for the two schools you've got - is NOT great at all! Without the right motivation or help it can get pretty tiring and thats what happened.  Luckily, or not, this year is my last year of my Russian school and penultimate year of my International school which means First year of IB program. If your doing it - god bless you; if you've heard of it - you might've heard how hard it is, but no you have no idea how hard and time-consuming it is! How teachers are literally evil and set all homework to the closest date, when you have no time to do anything, or to 50 years later, so that you forget about it and do everything on the night before! Oh, they also love setting all the subjects on the same day - as well as all the tests! Over this week of "holidays" i have test preparation, 2 essays, TOK 5 min video presentation, CAS video editing, read a book, questions of the book + i need to read, understand and learn the 2 years course for all the subjects in my Russian school and prepare myself for the exams that will happen in the same time as my IB exams in my International School! Isn't that wonderful? Sorry guys, i needed to spill this out, because every time I'm studying, i get so mad.. but hey! This post is not about the darkest moments of my holidays! A friend of mine, which i haven't seen in like 2 years, invited me for lunch and some catching up / gossip time, which brightened up my week! 
I am a person, that plans every single move ahead. When traveling, as i said on my posts about Porto trip, i make sure i know what to do every day, what things to visit, what restaurants to go to but this time it was different! We decided the place literally 5 minutes before leaving house, that was annoying me for some time but when i let it go, let go of my own self and it worked! We got together, and for the rest of the day we did not shut up! literally! Talking about so many things, all though our lives don't really connect, we still had some things to laugh about and it was a very nice getaway from papers, books and calculations! 
For the sunny day in the centre of the city, wondering around streets i used to visit literally every day, i wore my comfy uggs obviously, grey jeans from H&M, Zara sweater with cut out sides and a halter top underneath to keep me warm hihi
Im not very an accessory person, since the only thing i carry is my phone and folded 20euros in my pocket. I don't like necklaces (not in casual day to day life) since you have to make sure they don't move or i anything so i don't usually wear them but i guess that day, the sun was shining in a different way so i decided to take my Furla bag for the camera, my phone and those folded 20 euros. I actually  noticed it made me feel different as if the bag gave me more feminine look and less boyish and "teenager like" - maybe it was the style of it:) + the necklace from Lefties i think, bought it ages ago! And the look was done and i felt the happiest and the prettiest! :) Oh, Happy day!

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Enjoy the photos of that day, the tasty burger and the "wanna be LA" streets of Cascais and my peachy grey outfit! 

-xoxo Masha 


  1. Amei o look ... super linda
    beijo grande

    1. Obrigada! gostei do seu blog :)

      Ja esta a participar no passatempo?

      bjnho e boa sorte :)

  2. amazing look so sweet!

  3. Yum, and you look amazing! x

    1. thank you!! such a great day!

      are you participating in my giveaway?

      you should! good luck :)

  4. Amazing photos. You have a beautiful smile!
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  5. This outfit is awesome :x Kisses :*