Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Hello people out there!
Since saturday night, after my day out with M i got home feeling ill.. and since then I've been tied to my pillow and blankets, 2 rolls of toilet paper and water. i could never think that being ill could make me so weak and unable to do literally anything, not even movies... #killme
So yeah, this is basically the reason why i didn't post this update for you guys of my Saturday date with M! As an Art student, i love broadening my horizons - visiting galleries, seeing art works of famous artists & studying their ways and techniques and when i get opportunity to go to a gallery or visit some exhibitions i do! This time it wasn't quite technique-admiring visit, but diversity is the key to make your work rich and catchy to many audiences! Since 14th of November, the exhibition of Photography by Bryan Adams "Exposed" had been open in the centre of cascais. Every weekend, or every art lesson Id remember about it and say that id go on the weekend but there it was 31st of January, 1 day before it closed when M had to drag me out of my house so Id actually see it before it closed! 3 floors of photos. Different people, different themes and messages, different stories behind the glass frame and black and white filter, which made them all have something in common. After quick run through the floors, as we had to come there 20 minutes before it closed, we decided to satisfy our little whales in our tummies, and drove to Casa da Guia, where I heard a restaurant, with best crepes, opened few month or maybe even day ago - called Bistro na Guia! The rumours were true - those pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup were heavenly good!! To sure those sweet moments with my man, who by the way owns all the credits for taking pictures of me, i wore: Zara shirt with spikes, Pull and Bear Jeggings, Uggs and to make it less greyish, I decided to add more colour with bright orange ear cuff from Forever 21 :) 
Well now, i gotta go take one more kilo of medicines to be up on my heels, this friday for my school International Dinner woop woop #letshope

- xoxo Masha


P.S. This mini Restaurant has most cutest underground space with a table for 8 people! Totally in love!!
Once again check out their Facebook and give them a like <3

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